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Living alone in a studio apartment was previously seen as Plan B, or as an option 'only if you have to'. Nowadays, flying solo and owning your own studio home is simply living the bachelor(ette)'s dream! This charming and compact studio designed by interior architects PERFECT SPACE from Warsaw pays homage to today's trends. 

With it's smart layout, separated spaces, designer furniture and warm colors, this is a home that anyone would be proud to call their own. It's inviting, cozy and stylish. It's a pretty amazing feat to create such an impressive environment in such a small space, so let's take a closer look at just how this design team did it.

Low cupboards from natural wood

And on the other side of the main room is the modern and practical, L-shaped kitchen space. Cupboards are fitted to both walls, floor to ceiling with space in the middle for the work bench, ensuring enough space for all pots, pans, plates and cups. 

The lower cupboards are washable and durable, finished in acrylic, while the higher cupboards are built from wood to add an extra texture and tone to the room. 

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High temperatures and a gas stove

A modern gas cooker is installed directly into the workbench, complete with range hood above for adequate ventilation. And long tube lights have been fitted underneath the top cupboards to make sure no corner is left in the dark. 

Space for entertaining and sharing meals

One of the best ideas in this apartment is to dedicate a lot of space for the dining area. Quite often when you live alone, one of the main activities in your home are dinner parties and entertaining, so it needs to take priority in the home. 

By painting the back wall a deep rose, it pushes it further away from everything, making the space seem much bigger than it actually is. The black furniture also helps create the illusion of space, along with the wall mounted shelves

Modernized wallpaper

The wall running from the hallway extending into the kitchen and dining room helps create a visual barrier between the two areas, and is emphasized further thanks to the black and white, comic style wallpaper that is hung on this side. 

Fresh and clean.

The bathroom is another example of some very clever layout and space structuring. Again, there are plenty of cupboards to keep all cleaning and grooming products in, making sure the room stays tidy and organised, and there is plenty of artificial light added to keep things bright. 

A wall that works.

One side of this room has been totally dedicated to a wardrobe, cupboards and an working space. By condensing everything into an all-in-one-piece, tons of space has been saved and distinct areas formed. The minimal design of the storage systems also give a more unified look and feel, thus minimizing visual clutter.

The great divide.

Because this room of the house is needed to be used for so many different things, finding ways to separate areas was essential. The design team has built a waist-high wall in between the bed and the sofa, and together with the pull-down blind, some level of privacy has been achieved. 

True to the company's name, they definitely have created a perfect space! 

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