Washington Avenue Brownstone: classic Study/office by SA-DA Architecture

5 luxurious homes that you have to see!

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When you think about luxury homes, are you picturing sprawling mansions with acres of garden and vaulted ceilings? While these can be key motifs in upmarket homes, we don't think that size always has to be a factor, which is why we're going to show you a fabulous selection of undeniably luxurious homes that really break the mold! Each of these properties has been curated by what we can only describe as incredibly talented architects and interior designers and it's the use of space and light in each one that really adds a natural element of opulence, alongside amazing furniture selections and super cool decor. If you've been thinking about giving your home a luxury upgrade, come with us now, as we know you'll find a host of incredible ideas to copy, right here!

1. Beauty in a Brownstone.

Washington Avenue Brownstone: modern Dining room by SA-DA Architecture
SA-DA Architecture

Washington Avenue Brownstone

SA-DA Architecture

Some of the most sought after properties in New York, Brownstone townhouses take things up a gear in terms of stylish and luxurious living, as they are most commonly laid out over three generous floor and offer amazing opportunities to embrace unique decor choices. This kitchen/dining room floor is superb, with just enough quirky touches to keep things interesting, while sparing no expense on the finishes. 

Traditional glamour.

Washington Avenue Brownstone: classic Study/office by SA-DA Architecture
SA-DA Architecture

Washington Avenue Brownstone

SA-DA Architecture

We can already smell the leather and rich mahogany in this room, can't you? What a wonderful contrast to the fairly understated kitchen level this living room is, and a grand piano certainly ups the luxury a lot! The natural wood window frames and deep burgundy walls are just so elegant and timeless. Amazing!

2. A cabin home that redefines the genre!

Old Montauk Highway House:  Patios & Decks by SA-DA Architecture
SA-DA Architecture

Old Montauk Highway House

SA-DA Architecture

You certainly can't consider this a standard cabin home, can you? With a gorgeous terrace, luxurious pool and what looks to be endless interior space, this really is a home fit for a queen! You might be surprised by the interior though, as there are no false airs and graces here!

Understated opulence.

Old Montauk Highway House: modern Living room by SA-DA Architecture
SA-DA Architecture

Old Montauk Highway House

SA-DA Architecture

Wow! We knew that the inside of this ultimate cabin home would be chic, but we were expecting such a different look! The decision to go down the rural and retro route, however, is inspired! It matches all the exterior wood to perfection and lends a natural, demure elegance and luxury to the property! The rug alone is to die for!

3. Modern luxury living.

From one Brownstone to another, but what a difference! This home has chosen an unapologetically modern take on luxury, with pale roof beams and great swathes of marble combining to create a stunning dialogue that oozes sophistication and charm. Just wait until you see some of the more heritage touches though!

All about the details.

The banister finials here are outstanding, don't you agree? They add in a little nod to the heritage of this wonderful three-story home and combine so perfectly with the wide open spaces, luxurious wood flooring and piquant lighting. We have to admit that this has really whet our appetites to see more of this amazing home!

4. Loft living on another level.

New York loft apartments are the standard by which so many luxury homes are now judged and having seen this fabulous project, we can see why! Laid out over two gorgeous floors, this home is undeniably stylish and eye-catching, with this communal living space really grabbing our attention. Just look at that extra mezzanine pod and the fabulous ceiling height! Wow!

Bare essentials opulence.

You might look at this bedroom and think that it's a little minimal, but therein lies the luxury! A polished concrete floor, striking wooden accents and a heritage rug all come together to create what looks to be a super relaxing and restorative room that needs nothing in the way of extraneous decoration to look utterly sublime!

5. Blended to perfection.

We think that the key to creating a luxury home can be as simple as blending different styles properly and this beautiful home has mastered that art! Simultaneously industrial, minimal and a little rustic, every element here supports the next and creates such a visually enchanting space that screams of a large budget. Even the staircase here is something else and it should just be a perfunctory addition!

Generous proportions.

Walk up those gorgeous stairs and you'll find this expansive loft bedroom, which we think, is everything! Taking advantage of the unusual shape, the layout here has been geared towards creating a luxurious  and private bedroom, which is amplified by rich wooden flooring and the huge amount of natural light that is pouring in. With a gargantuan ceiling height in place too, this room was never going to feel anything other than opulent!

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Which of these homes had the right balance of luxury and livability for you?
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