Top 5: from a DIY garage project to a low-cost prefab home

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And here we are again, another week has passed and we are giving you a chance to read our most popular articles. Here is your chance to re-read your favorite articles and/or find new ones. We begin our countdown with a DIY article: What mistakes do people make when building a garage?, we move to an amazing apartment in Poland, #3 we have a before and after that will definitely inspire you to fix that sad courtyard, moving on to #4 with 10 inspiring wall ideas and last but not least, we finish with the cherry on top, a prefab home that is affordable. Shall we? 

1.) What mistakes do people make when building a garage?

Building a garage might sound like a huge (if not impossible) task, but rest assured that it is something that can be completed by someone with technical- and DIY experience. However, we must recommend that you take advantage of free online resources and research the project thoroughly before you attempt to build your garage, especially the foundation as that is one of the more important aspects.

Click here to find our what happens next. 

2.) Classic and stylish: an apartment with something to say.

Today we will show you a wonderful apartment of 970 ft² located in Warsaw, Poland. The charm of this apartment lies in the classic and stylish design which not only makes the space appear bigger than it is, but also ensures that there is an air of elegance around every turn. 

What's not to love about this gem, come and take a look!

3.) Before & after: abandoned courtyard turns into a warm outdoor space.

All of us love a pleasing outdoor space that offers a decent sanctum for socializing or simply lazing outside the 4 walls, and soothing views as we look out of the window. But if the window is facing a rubbish dump, you will not be very eager to soak in the outside vista. Today’s homify story is an account of a forsaken & neglected courtyard that was resurrected from its disused format & given a striking transformation into a contemporary chic space.

Accomplished by Garden & Landscape Supplies professionals HANNAH COLLINS GARDEN DESIGN, this wonderful remodeling job has imparted a new lease of life & oodles of modern style to this courtyard to make it an engaging outdoor space for lounging & entertaining guests. Sounds interesting? Have a look!

4.) Decorative walls: 10 ways to separate a space with style.

Interior decor and design is guided by certain principles, in which you achieve a desired result. To get the ideal result, interior architects and designers often have to make decisions about removing walls or adding walls to a space, making way for separate rooms or elements such as stairs.

Yet a wall is not simply a functional feature. It can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home, which is why you want a stylish feature that enhances every element that already exists in this space.  This is why today at homify, we have put together 10 ideas to show you how you can use walls to demarcate spaces in the house while creating a gorgeous end result.

Check it out here

5.) Simple and beautiful, this house has it all (and it's affordable too).

For any first time house owner or young parents, a home has to meet a pretty strict set of criteria. It must be practical, affordable, and of course, it has to look great as well. Luckily, the architects at MARLEGNO PREFABRICATED WOODEN BUILDINGS responsible for this particular design have ticked all of those boxes, and struck the right balance between modest, modern and magnificent.

The home we are featuring today is actually a prefabricated building, but don't let that deter you away from the fact that it's a brilliant design. It's a smaller building that is economical and easy to maintain. And thanks to the thoughtful layout inside, it has enough room for a spacious kitchen, a comfortable living room, as well as the usual bedrooms and bathrooms. What's best of all, is that there is even an integrated garage.  Let's not delay, we will give you a closer look to see just what makes this house practical, pretty and practically perfect!

Check it out here.

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