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A home that has plenty of wooden features and fittings as well as furniture makes for a warm and inviting statement, even if it is a modern one. This house is an example of that and makes a rustic statement because it relies on the use of wood against a simple canvas. The exotic nature of the soft furnishings also makes for a wonderfully cozy look where one can enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Each room is practical, features storage-friendly solutions and makes smart utilization of space as well. Lively hues pop up now and then to add to the attraction of this unique abode. It might also interest you to know that the furniture and accessories suppliers from RI-NOVO had a major role to play in beautifying this home. So come and have a look at the beautiful pictures from this home tour to know more!

A hint of color in the kitchen.

The wooden kitchen with its white walls and curling carved shelves and fittings makes for a whimsical feel. The red pre-war style oven in metal is the perfect addition to this space. The brick-lined counter on one side houses a wood fire oven.

Driftwood features.

The driftwood setting here will actually take you right back to the seaside and whispering beaches where one spends summers filled with idyllic pleasures. The driftwood mantelpiece and the railing come together with the rustic furniture and exotic rug to create a wholesome cottage-like ambiance. Our favorite pick in this room is the old school fireplace and a pail holding the firewood.

Camp style setting.

This corridor takes you towards the private quarters of the home which has repurposed wooden walls and a bulb behind a linen curtain. But what really caught our attention is the red fireplace with the bookshelf nearby for a cozy nook.

Wooden and charming dining.

This charming dining space has been done up with panels and planks of wood that have their natural grains intact. The wooden table and bench next to the fireplace create a warm look much like a log cabin. Exposed beams and bright bulbs make for a simple look here.

Artistic touches.

The hob top over the stove in the kitchen has a subtle stencil of a wolf howling at the moon. Set amidst the wood and exposed bulbs, this almost looks like a scene from some story!

Delicate winding staircase.

The winding staircase is done up with wooden planks set in a curve with slim metal railing for people to hold onto. The wooden mezzanine has many grains for a rather eclectic look in this space. The wooden ceiling also has a raw look and the entire space exudes a cozy vibe. A single painting adds color in this space.

Old-school gingham for the bedroom.

This bedroom in the attic has all the trappings of sweet dreams filled with fairy tales that will unfold as you get some shut-eye. The gingham bedding in particular adds a rustic touch to this space filled with woven pieces like the hampers and linen box.

Bright nursery.

The nursery is brightened up thanks to the white crib and the aqua-hued painting depicting spring time!

Modern amenities in the bathroom.

The bathroom is lined with easy to clean laminate wooden sheets and glass doors.

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