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8 ways to bring passion back into your laundry life

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Laundry Rooms Clean Design Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
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Laundry is known to many as a chore that is akin to having teeth pulled at the dentist—it's not fun, but it needs to be done. There is a good reason for the monotonous paucity of gray that surrounds thinking of this task; but it's not one that is commonly voiced. Historically speaking, laundry rooms were kept well hidden, as befitting a place where the Lord's and Lady's 'delicates' were handled, scrubbed, and left to dry with none of the flagrant pride that the owners of said items possessed. 

In short, it was embarrassing to admit that clothes needed to be washed, and bodies did not automatically exude a fragrance of lavender and sage. 

But then, somewhere in more recent times, we grew up. And we decided that if laundry was to be done, no longer would we duck our heads in shame, or avoid the eyes of our neighbor, furtively seeking cover from their gaze. Instead, we would embrace that noble, and indeed honorable, chore with open arms.

Below you will find the embodiment of that philosophy, eight styles of laundry room that pay no heed to history, instead flying forward with the grace and solid determination of a swan in flight. Who says the menial and the dull should be done in secret? Who says a chore cannot be something of cleanliness and splendor? Who says a laundry room, in all its banality, cannot be a thing of architectural beauty? 

A place of warmth and comfort, with the aroma of soft cotton and dew drops on a fine Spring morning. A place of cushioned towels, and neat counters. 

A place where the menial… becomes the pleasurable. 

1.a The 'comfy-fit'.

Laundry Room Clean Design Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
Clean Design

Laundry Room

Clean Design

The style of this room can be summarized in one word: functional. The counter tops both the washer and the dryer with enough space to fold pile after pile of freshly-washed clothing, straight off the simple steel hanging pole. There is no need to hustle and bustle to and from a clothes line or separate room. It can all be done there and then, creating less fuss and hassle.

1.b The 'comfy-fit'.

Laundry Room Clean Design Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
Clean Design

Laundry Room

Clean Design

As you can see, this room doubles up as a scullery, pristine in its cleanliness. The bright-and-white feel of the room blends nicely with the idea of clean, dry clothing, ironed into crisp squares. There is also plenty of cupboard space, allowing for the easy storage of all fabric softeners, washing powders, ironing boards and more. 

Utilized properly, this room can maintain its functional-look, adding no unwanted attention to large washing lines and mounds of dirty delicates. 

2. The 'narrow-folder'.

This particular laundry room adds a charismatic element with the large window. Eschewing the fluorescent bulbs which strain the eye; this room combines the aura of sunlight with an emerald finish which symbolizes peace and has been known to inspire calm and tolerance. 

The shelves above provide ample capacity for all your laundering tools, while the machines are seamlessly merged into a long counter top, ideal for large bundles of clothing. There is also space provided for three washing baskets, suitable for an entire family adding to the pile. 

With the extra shelving alongside the machines, this room is a one-stop for spare linens and towels, saving that space in the corridor cupboard for something more worthwhile. 

3. The 'seductive scullery'.

Here is a way to ensure all of the tasks at day's end can be done together. This scullery makes excellent use of the space provided to lend credence to the idea that dynamite comes in small packages.

Artfully tucked away in one corner are both machines, ready to burn the midnight oil together, while removing the irritation of trudging from one side of the room to the other. Alongside them, one finds the classic double sink, also rearing to help with those cold-wash, or hand-wash, situations that often make the bath tub a living nightmare. 

On the opposite wall there is a small, but useful hanger for drying cloths, linen or towels. The back wall has beautifully inset cupboards for the storage of all the bits and bobs needed. 

This schematic would be useful in any home, with minimal effort required to make it happen. Most importantly, it could free up a room elsewhere for important things. Like that home office you've been dying for…

4. The 'savvy-square'.

Laundry Room Clean Design Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
Clean Design

Laundry Room

Clean Design

Much like the idea above; this particular take on laundry is a solution that many people in smaller homes crave. When moving into, or building, a new home a commonly asked question is now where do I put the washer? 

This idea replies, anywhere you like! 

There is no requirement for finding a whole room to house this happy band of launders. Any niche or would-be niche in the home will suffice, while removing the clunk and clutter of external machines. Positioned correctly, you could even ensure that this annex provided space for the ironing board too. 

Whatever your preference, this is the perfect way to solve any spacial complications in your smaller home. 

And let's be honest; we all have a thing for symmetry.

5. The 'kitchenesque'.

Ah, the old faithful. A perfunctory kitchen scullery with all the bells and whistles to form the flagship of modern laundry rooms.

Spacious cupboards and shelving for all the linens, towels, socks and jocks. A beautiful room-width window to smile and gaze adoringly at the world outside. The classic kitchen sink, and smooth wooden-panel cupboards below. 

The washing machine, tenderly coaxed into the allocated space, to finish the majesty of the scene. 

This is your go-to room if you own a large home, and have plenty of people in it. 

6. The 'zigzag'.

Laundry Room Clean Design Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
Clean Design

Laundry Room

Clean Design

Almost like a laundry room on the star-ship Enterprise, this metallic-style room conjures images of futuristic cleanliness, where laundry takes three minutes and the clothes all fold themselves.

A petite room, it serves all the right functions, and saves on space too. The style remains elegant, in that it combines all the necessities of modern laundry—in the washer, dryer, shelving and counter—with the modern necessities of an actual kitchenette.

7. The 'hidden seafarer'.

There is something about a fully-wooden finish that hints at the inside of luxury yacht, idling through the Greek Islands. If that doesn't strike your fancy, then think of James Bond's private laundry room. Either way, you've found the elusive amalgamation of sleek, sexy and mysterious.

This room serves with all the efficiency of four-armed bricklayer. The machines are coyly stacked upon one another, hidden, when not in use, behind a luxurious wooden sliding door, that will leave much to the imagination.To the left there is enough space to store all spares up top, while giving a natural closet look for hanging clothes. 

To the right of that is the shelving, flawlessly connected to seem as though carved from a single tree.

For this laundry room, you'll want it shaken, not stirred. 

8. The 'bunk bed'.

Laundry - Custom Cabinets STUDIO Z Modern Bathroom White

Laundry—Custom Cabinets


Sophistication at its peak. 

Why bother with counter tops and wasted storage space, when you can neatly mesh your machines into a long cupboard and remove the requirement for box-like spaces beneath? This wonderful style provides the home owner with all the trappings of a spacious room while ensuring that said room remains free of any eye sore machines. 

Cupboard space is strategically placed here, allowing for a myriad of uses. The laundry room is your oyster. 

Did you like any of the particular styles from these pictures? Do you have any incredible ideas of your own?  We would love to hear from you below!
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