11 great ways to use white marble in your home

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Marble is a material that is taken flight in the mind of the populace during this past year in design, and it seems to be sticking around for quite some time. Everywhere we look, from fashion and homeware to architecture and design, everyone seems to be enraptured with this elegant material. In ancient times it had been a symbol of wealth and esteemed social status, and now it has returned as the crowning jewel for everyone.

We certainly share this amorous feeling towards noble marble, and are always keen to see how it is incorporated in homes. Given, it is an option that can be quite costly and is thus not available to everyone, but as we will soon see, there are imitations and alternative products that perfectly capture the beauty and essence of the material in your home. 

Take a moment to be inspired and enjoy this list of 11 magnificent white marble options that you can recreate today!

1. The classic countertop.

When we think of marble in modern homes, the first thing that comes to mind is kitchen countertops. Marble has often been used in this regard due to its durability, style and the simplicity of cleaning.

2. Combining with wood.

Here we have another countertop, but this time it is combined and contrasted with wood in the kitchen. This is the perfect balance between cold and warm, hard and soft. 

3. Extraordinary walls.

The effect created by this realistic wallpaper is awe-inspiring. Not only will you be able to bring marble into your home on a budget, but you will be able to do it in high style and across large areas.

4. Floor tiles.

Another traditional option for marble is its use in floor tiles. These pristine floor coverings will add an instant sense of elegance to your home which will need nothing more. 

5. Statement piece.

This rectangular marble sink is a work of art in its own. This type of feature is perfect for a minimalist home. 

6. All round.

With the endless options of tiles, wallpaper and other mediums, you will be able to create a marble palace, if you so desired. 

7. Backsplash.

Here we find marble in the kitchen once again, but this time as backsplash area, bringing style and elegance to the vertical realm. 

8. Cabinetry.

This stunning marble sideboard stands out like beacon in a gray and somber scheme. 

9. Stylish steps.

You can also go ahead and use marble on your staircase. It is less area to cover than the whole floor, and will therefore be more cost-effective. In addition, you don't have to have a solid staircase, and can opt for top tiles, like those in the image. 

10. Feature table.

This skinny rectangular table has just the right shape to accompany the gracefulness of marble.

11. Solid state.

We come full circle back to kitchen counters (or bars), but instead of a countertop, we see a solid marble structure for this home. This simply increases the elegance and creates more coherence in the design. 

Whichever method you choose, you won't go wrong in bringing marble into your home. 

Now, for more stunning breakfast bars like the one in the picture above, take a look at options for every kitchen!

What do you think of the white marble trend?

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