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Adding color to your garden with more than just plants

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Let's be totally honest and admit that when it comes to giving our gardens a bit more life and vibrancy, we all just tend to plump for the most colorful flowers that we can find. It can't just be us that does that, surely? We all want a beautiful garden, but so often our own efforts fall a little flat and that can be demoralizing! Unless you're a professional gardener, however, you might be choosing the wrong flowers or even varieties that will be a nightmare to look after and you'll never know until you get them home and have to put your social life on hold to commit to a regular watering schedule! We want to give you some really cool ways to add color, style and fun into your garden, without the hassle of high-maintenance plants, so stick to your fabulous, easy to care for varieties and accessorize them with a few of these…

1. Colorful plant pots are a great place to start and you can either buy some or paint your existing ones.

2. A piquant strip of accent color on a garden wall will add new life to your garden.

3. How about printing some fabric planters of your own? It's so easy!

4. Don't be afraid to experiment with fabric in your garden! Rugs can make great wall tapestries!

5. Statement wallpaper can be used to create unique plant displays!

6. Go to town with the color by using vibrant wall planters! They'll make your blooms really pop!

7. You can go muted if you like! Some simple flatpack shelving is easy to paint up!

8. How about focusing your attention on your pot stands? They don't need to be dull or boring!

9. Try up-cycling some funky ornaments as amazing planters. Nobody will have the same ones as you and you can decorate them how you like!

10. Don't be afraid to try your hand at pattern AND color clashing. It looks fantastic and pots are so easy to paint!

11. Why not add some really unique feature walls to your garden, as a backdrop for your plants?

12. Punchy color and retro pot hangers are a match made in heaven for a funky garden!

13. AMAZING! How about adding a little art to your garden, to support your wider bloom choices?

14. You can go more subtle if you like, with colorful pot edges, rather than whole containers.

15. Vibrant cushions will always inject a lot of color and style into your garden. You can match them to your pots too!

16. Give all your outdoor accessories the color treatment! Just look at this handy ladder shelf!

17. Got an outside dining table? Then you need to embrace the rainbow in terms of your linen and crockery choices!

18. Metal plant stands can be spray-painted in seconds and look phenomenal!

19. Don't forget that white is a bright and vibrant color! Look at this amazing scheme!

20. Ombre is so hot right now, so try your hand at a little sponge painting and see what effects you can create on some planters!

21. Speaking of hot trends, how about lining some outdoor shelving with geometric wallpaper? KABOOM!

22. Terrariums are gorgeous, even more so if you paint the metal framework in a bright color!

23. A funky feature wall, cool pot hanger AND bright plant pots? Why not? There are no rules!

24. Maybe you could get your plants in on the action, if you create a really unusual and striking display and contrast the flowers with the pots!

25. Save those old t-shirts and make rag pots out of them! It's so easy and you'll have colorful containers whenever you want them.

26. A bright and eye-catching garden chair is a great way to add some serious color! Just look at this turquoise birdcage style one!

For even more garden ideas, take a look at this article: 10 amazing ways to make gardening easier!

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