16 reasons why you should invest in art for your home

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A quick, creative, and easy way to inject a bit of color and energy into your interior is with artwork. And please don't automatically think that means you have to hang a traditional oil painting or a conservative landscape! We are talking more about creating unique, personalized pieces of art, hanging decorative wallpaper to make a bold feature wall, or even getting your children to paint a whimsical mural in their bedrooms. 

There are countless ways that art can spice up a room and show off some of your personal taste. And to start with, here are 16 of them. 

1. Oil paintings to match and accentuate brightly colored furniture for freshness.

Feminine Touch Pixers Modern Living Room Blue

Feminine Touch


2. Showcase your favorite art piece and by using it over a whole wall.

Mondrian Pixers Minimalist dining room Multicolored



3. Abstract paintings are great to bring together all of the colors from around a room.

Apartment, Berlin-Mitte, Bedroom homify Classic style bedroom Beige

Apartment, Berlin-Mitte, Bedroom


If you are also looking to update the entire color scheme of your home, then ask an expert interior decorator what's the best tones and textures for you. 

4. Wallpaper with repeating motifs will add a youthful, playful touch to a room.

5. Stackable cups or decorated porcelain add personality.

Jimbob Art Yesh&Tash Car Dealerships

Jimbob Art


6. Brighten up dark walls with contrasting colors.

bathroom decoration Style Within Modern Bathroom
Style Within

bathroom decoration

Style Within

7. Large paintings complement neutral toned furniture.

Georgetown Living Room & Loft Lighting Hinson Design Group Modern Living Room
Hinson Design Group

Georgetown Living Room & Loft Lighting

Hinson Design Group

8. A whimsical mural would be any child's dream come true for their bedroom.

'Coworking' Bear Wallpaper Wallsauce.com Modern Kid's Room

'Coworking' Bear Wallpaper


9. Artwork can still be monochromatic, just remember to play up contrast.

10. For a bold look, enlarge your favorite photo to fit an entire wall.

Floral wallpaper designs for livingroom and bedroom using easily removable wallpaper. Walls and Murals wallsandmurals BedroomAccessories & decoration Paper

Floral wallpaper designs for livingroom and bedroom using easily removable wallpaper. Walls and Murals


11. Decorative wallpaper is a more subtle wall to bring in pattern and color.

See a range of different wallpaper options here

12. For an opulent look, frame old family portraits or paintings in gold.

Concrete walls, PANBETON® - Private Apartment, Paris VI Concrete LCDA Modern Kitchen
Concrete LCDA

Concrete walls, PANBETON® —Private Apartment, Paris VI

Concrete LCDA

13. Or look to the streets for inspiration and layer up graffiti style fonts and textures.

14. This colorful dotted pattern completes this home office in a more polished, refined way.

15. A large humorous deer painting helps save this interior from looking too somber.

Coleherne Mews Concrete LCDA Modern Dining Room
Concrete LCDA

Coleherne Mews

Concrete LCDA

16. Together with the right lighting, a piece of contemporary art can really brighten a room.

Victorian living room Style Within Modern Living Room
Style Within

Victorian living room

Style Within

Besides these 16 reasons, we think that art is simply worth the investment!

Don't fret—the list doesn't stop here! See these 20 other art pieces you can use to enhance your home

What artwork do you have at home? Tell us about your favorite pieces below. 

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