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For most people the time spent in bed is the most luxurious, the most enjoyable; the most intimate of the day. So having the right kind of bed, and bedroom, is imperative—not only to sleep well, but also to make sure you rest fully, and deeply. 

If you have the right kind of bed, or even the right colors (just ask any interior decorator) around you while you sleep, it could make all the difference between having a moody morning, or a delightful day. So today, we have found 13 of the most dreamiest bedrooms that will make you want to go to sleep early, and stay in bed late. Here they are: 

1. Rest in space.

Knock down walls and create a huge, open plan bedroom like this one and you will have all the space you need to relax. 

2. Calm and cool.

Sleep easy and paint your walls an off-white and fill your room with crisp white linen or cool, neutral colors.

3. Lighten the load.

If you love the look of bricks, but think they are too dark or too 'heavy' to have in a bedroom, then just paint them white! The same goes for floorboards.  

4. Let it shine.

Lots of natural light is best for any room, but you also want plenty of options when it comes to artificial lights in the bedroom. Go with free standing lamps, or bedside lights, or at the very least, with dimmer switches.  

5. Bigger is better.

For that feeling of ultimate comfort and luxury, you have to go big. Build cupboards to the ceiling, invest in huge carpets, and stick with oversize furniture. 

6. Cheerful colors.

To make sure you wake up in the right mood, go with a bright and cheerfully colored duvet cover, or vibrant pillow covers. 

7. Paper thin.

To keep your bedroom from becoming a dark and dreary dungeon, try hanging thin paper blinds, or using a folding screen to cover windows. 

8. Wooden frames.

Having plenty of wood in a bedroom will automatically give you that sense of Zen. This room is totally relaxing thanks to the wooden rafters, the bed base, bedside tables, headboard, and large wooden picture frame. 

9. Bath before bed.

We are pretty confident that no body would turn down a long soak in a hot bath just before bed, and having the two right next door to each other is about as good as it gets.

10. Square eyes.

Yes, a television in the bedroom is a necessity for most, but so is finding the right way to incorporate it into the decor. And this ceramic tile wall is the ideal solution (as is the square light to complement it).  

11. Walk the line.

The combination of contrasting vertical wall panels, structural four poster bed, large square carpet and the architectural light fittings make this bedroom a unique visual experience—one to keep you in bed for hours on end!

12. Smooth as silk.

Textures like velvet, thick cotton silk and light muslin will make sure you have the most comfortable, coziest sleep imaginable. 

13. Retro stylings.

If you are struggling to design your dream bedroom, then look back to the past. Bedrooms of the sixties, seventies and eighties were mostly over the top, but they did know a thing or two about luxury and opulence. Pick one detail (like a padded wall) and match it with modern furniture and fine lighting. 

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What's your 'comfort item' to have in your bedroom? Pillows? Rugs? 

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