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Rolling meadows and plenty of sunshine—now if that isn't the perfect spot for that perfect dream home, then we don’t know what is! The designers from Zero Energy have managed to harness the design power of the countryside abode and mix things up a little with the modern and energy efficient ways of urban design. What we have is a home that is set on rolling green grounds with a rather modern appeal even as it keeps the farmhouse look alive. Come and find out what eco friendly surprises this home is hiding!

​Farmhouse style dining.

The large farmhouse table has a modern twist thanks to the metals chairs. The large slant is the only dining factors that places the living room on one side and the dining room on the other while a large fireplace sits on the other end of this light wooden hued hall.

​A modern take for the facade.

Certified Passive House ZeroEnergy Design Modern Houses Wood Wood effect
ZeroEnergy Design

Certified Passive House

ZeroEnergy Design

The facade has a rather art installation style look with the scaffolding like rods used for a modern space. The dual leveled home has two distinct wings. Yet, the main features include the fact that this home is super insulated with an air tight quality and hence requires only a minimal amount of electricity, which also enables it to leave a rather small carbon footprint on its surroundings.

​Charm in the entryway.

The entryway of the home combines a modern outlook with plenty of cottage style charm. There are books and benches as well as cabinets with a smooth finish jostling for your attention under the wood ceiling and bright white lighting. All this takes place once you enter the sturdy glass door in its metal frame.

​Glass walls for energy efficiency in the living room.

This living room is a study in all things eco friendly. The designers have managed to insert glass walls which bring in plenty of sunshine and bright natural light as well as warmth so that one does not require a heavy dose of heating bills. The linear furniture and the sparse furnishings also keep an open plan in place for the dwellers to comfortably move around. On top, the slant of the ceiling is clad in wood while a row of industrial looking lamps adhere to the minimalist feel of the furniture below.

​Sumptuous kitchen.

On the other side of the fireplace, one can find the working quarters of this home. The slanting wooden rooftop houses a mezzanine of sorts on top while below, one can see the white and wooden kitchen punctuated by everyday objects like books and chrome appliances.

​Solid hues in the bedroom.

The bedroom is a far cry from the delicate white shades that one found on the ground floor of the home. A handsome and sturdy looking olive green hue comes to settle as the headboard of the bed while wood has been used for the rest of the space. A modern chair and an exotic rug complete the look fabulously!

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