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It always seems strange to us that so many people love buying clothes without paying much attention to their wardrobe. A key piece of furniture in any bedroom, they not only need to effectively look after your garments, but also look good and work with the wider aesthetic, which is why we want to show you a host of fantastic wooden varieties today. 

We think that once you've seen just how wonderful wooden closets can be, you won't be able to stop yourself from hiring a carpenter to build you something equally as special.

Let's take a look and see if your clothes deserve something a little fancier!

1. Open and chic

How perfect is this design for all you fashionistas out there? You'd be able to see all your gorgeous garments at a glance and really show them off.

2. A medley of openings

Everyone has different needs so a custom closet will allow you to get all the shelving, cupboard and hanging space you need in one piece of furniture.

3. Perfectly tailored to what you own

If you have more shoes than clothes, it's not an issue with a custom wardrobe. Simply tell your carpenter what you need and then let them work some creativity into the design.

4. Simple and elegant

Size can matter so if you need a giant wardrobe, a simpler style might be better for you. Talk to your carpenter about sleek doors in a stunning variety of wood.

5. Modern convenience

Isn't this wardrobe gorgeous? Modern in design but classic in terms of all the storage it offers, it's the best of every world and a carpenter would be able to create something like this with ease.

6. Perfect for busy teens

Teenagers generally don't have much interest in keeping their clothes hung up neatly, but you might be able to get them on board if you opt for a multifunctional closet/desk set-up.

7. All about the materials

Even if you want a simple, understated closet, you can still go all-out with your choice of materials. Your carpenter will be able to suggest some beautiful varieties of wood to choose from, so make sure you ask!

7. Small but incredibly useful

If you only have a small space in which to put a closet, go for a style that will stand out. Rich, red woods like this look phenomenal and just look at how much storage has been included.

9. With bonus shelving on top

A simple wardrobe this might be, but it has extra potential in the form of the top shelf. Ideal for bulkier items, such as hat or shoe boxes, it's these details carpenters make look so easy.

10. Fully built-in

When you don't want a wardrobe to swallow up too much space, you need to make sure your carpenter can create a seamless built-in design. 

Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall installations look so much less invasive.

11. Taking advantage of a niche

We are in love with this inspired design, which uses a large wall niche perfectly. The varied design doesn't look too fancy or too plain but definitely has all the storage capacity you'd need.

12. Using dead space

Corners can be pesky in terms of not being much good for anything, unless you call in a carpenter. You can have a spectacular corner closet knocked up for you in no time, which opens up much more space in the rest of your bedroom.

13. Ideal for bathrooms

If your small bedroom can't accommodate a wardrobe, how about looking to your bathroom? It might sound a little odd, but when you consider that the steam from your shower will make any creases drop out of your clothes, it actually makes sense. 

This small but perfectly designed example has us reaching for the phone!

14. Slim and chic

The joy of commissioning a carpenter to build you a bespoke wooden closet is that you can get something geared towards your style and tastes.

15. Perfectly balanced

The yin-yang design of this wardrobe is inspiring as it makes us wonder what else could be created from wood, in terms of a visual finish for a fantastic closet. 

The answer is just about anything, but we love the balanced contrast of this style!

16. Stealthy and ingenious

Talk about using dead space in a new and interesting way! 

Carpenters are well-equipped to turn formerly useless eaves into fully-functioning closets and we can't think of a better use for them. The sleek doors here make it such a stealthy installation.

17. Art in its own right

If you want no holds-barred luxury for your bedroom, you can't go wrong with a modern wooden closet. Artisan carpenters will be perfectly placed to come up with a new and unique design just for you.

18. Back to basics

Simple can be effective, especially in terms of clothing storage. So don't feel you have to go for something fancier than you want just because you're having a carpenter make it for you.

19. Made to measure dream

Here's a great idea for all of you with the space for a walk-in wardrobe.

Call in your carpenter and have them create a made to measure installation that encompasses the whole room. Include closet lighting and a comfortable place to sit as you're going to want to drink in the splendour of your new addition!

For more wardrobe inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: How to turn your spare room into a walk-in wardrobe!

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