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6 gorgeous houses with inspiring interiors

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Who doesn’t want to live in a bright, beautiful and practical home? Which is why, we are constantly looking for design and decor ideas from different parts of the world. Today, we bring you 6 elegant and smartly-planned houses by the architects at Zero Energy Design, which are very energy-efficient, well-insulated and ventilated, and comfortable as well. While some of these residences are large and lavish, others are small but stunning. Eco-friendly or healthy materials, abundant glazing, green construction and breathable interiors make these homes irresistible. Space has been cleverly utilized for storage and trendy furniture and refreshing colors also add to the attraction of these properties.

1. Energy-efficient and picturesque.

With an area of 1200 ft², the Passive House Retreat in Rhode Island is a stylish vacation getaway which consumes very little energy. Equipped with a gabled grey roof, wood-clad exterior walls, and plentiful glass windows, this simple house wows with its neatness and modernism.

The eastern side of the building wows with a bold red look, which adds color and life to the structure.

A bold red feature wall and quirky artworks jazz up the living space as well. Cozy and fashionable furniture promises comfort and peace.

The smart open kitchen has been livened up with red too, and features a large island for prepping, plating etc. Sleek cabinets, modern appliances and a practical niche for the high-end fridge are some clever touches.

Flanked by stylish chairs on one side and a sleek, long window seat on the other, the dining table is apt for hosting friends and family. Sunlight and colorful flowers make this a happy place.

Soft shades of blue combine with bright white for a relaxing and peaceful ambiance in this bedroom. Large windows bring in the sun and wow with green views as well.

2. 2600 ft² of soothing charm.

Situated in Margate City, New Jersey, this beautiful property called Resilient Residence is traditional yet modern on the outside. Wood painted in white makes the house appear large and elegant, while numerous glass windows allow sunlight to enter the home. Lush surroundings contrast the building nicely.

A gazebo-style structure stylishly shades the spacious porch and the trendy glass entrance. Wooden planters on the right of the entrance and white chairs make this spot perfect for relaxation and recreation.

Soothing colors like beige, white and wood make the open plan living space very cozy and serene. Sleek, trendy furniture and ample natural light add to the appeal.

Equipped with numerous and smooth, minimal drawers, the white and wooden kitchen is ideal for cooking happy meals. The large island has inbuilt storage, while glass windows keep the space flooded with sunlight.

A sleek wooden table and stylish white chairs offer ample seating in the sun-kissed dining space. Massive glass windows also allow refreshing views of the garden.

3. A traditional yet modern farmhouse.

This 2700 ft² farmhouse in Vermont features prefabricated exterior walls and traditional gabled roofs. But the eco-friendly materials used, airtight construction, durable designs, triple-glazed windows, and energy-efficient appliances give it all a modern finish. The lush vegetation surrounding the house accentuates its suburban setting.

The entryway with its glass door and white walls look bright and welcoming, while sleek wooden benches and a coat rack take care of storage needs.

Large glass windows allow the open plan living area to overlook the outdoors, besides filling it with sunlight. Trendy furniture in dark hues contrasts the soothing white and wooden environment, while an elegant fireplace offers warmth.

The open plan kitchen opposite the living space is mostly done up in white and features ample shelves and niches for storage.

Sober colors like white, wood and grey ensure relaxation in the bedroom while pink and red lend spice. The massive window connects this space with nature beautifully.

4. Contemporary yet nature-friendly.

In Boston, we chanced upon this modern and stylish house built for multiple generations. Surrounded by luxurious greenery, the house features abundant glazing and sophisticated designs which make living here comfortable as well as nature-friendly.

The trendy entrance is itself rendered in glass and flanked by transparent glass windows too. Paired with elegant shades of grey, this creates a very open and welcoming ambiance for guests.

Transparent glass balustrades and translucent acrylic steps make this staircase a stunner. Coupled with white walls and windows at each landing, this structure looks bright and open.

Floor to ceiling glass windows and lavish use of white make this living area bright, refreshing and inviting. The piano and vibrant rugs add visual depth.

Large glass windows flood this white and open kitchen with cheer and positive energy, while the rugs lend color. Wall-mounted cabinets ensure the least wastage of floor area.

5. A pretty home for an artistic family.

Despite a very modest area of 200 ft², this charming house in Orleans belongs to a family which adores art and hence colors. Natural materials and fashionable designs rule its interiors and exteriors, while dense vegetation surrounds it for a peaceful appearance. Solar panels on the roof and large glass windows indicate how keen the owners are about harvesting sun’s energy.

A pebbled driveway, glass main door, vivid shades of orange, and warm wooden touches make the approach very attractive.

Bright white walls and large windows ensure a sunny and airy feel inside the house, while modern furniture in sober hues soothes the eye.

Wood and white is the theme of the trendy open kitchen with its sleek bar counter, neat cabinets and customized niche for the fridge. Potted greens and a large window make for refreshing touches.

We love how one side of the kitchen counter has been reserved for organizing wine bottles. The space near the sunny window accommodates a pretty white dining arrangement, a vintage style wooden bureau and a painting.

6. The beach house of your dreams.

Environment-friendly and sustainable, this 660 ft² beach house in Truro is the perfect holiday destination for the entire family. It is super-insulated and features lavish amounts of glazing on the west so that the inhabitants can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and sunsets. After dark, the golden interior lights shine through the glass, creating a magical effect.

From this angle, you can appreciate the ultramodern lines and angles of the residence and its proximity to the sea. The house comprises of spacious living and sleeping quarters and is set against a grassy and hilly landscape.

The presence of solar panels on the roof indicates that the family banks on solar power for executing regular chores even during blackouts.

Floor to ceiling glass windows on two sides visually open up the large living area to the refreshing outdoors. Sleek but cozy sofas welcome you to sink in, while the wall on the left features niches for organizing books.

Lavish glazing also allows the diners to enjoy stunning sea views, while sunlight fills the space with hope. A long table and sleek chairs make mealtimes pleasurable.

Done up in light-hued wood and white, this spacious open kitchen is very functional with its inbuilt cabinets, ultramodern appliances, and cutting-edge pendant lamps. The long counter acts as the bar and features inbuilt shelves for storing cookbooks and kitchen essentials.

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