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Make this wooden home your castle

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We’re looking at a highly original home today that’s exactly like a little wooden castle! The architects at ELK built this 3750 square foot mansion from wood. This luxurious home boasts panoramic windows and an exciting combination of open and closed architectural details. From the front, you have the look of a classic villa. From the back of the house, you have a modern architectural gem. There might not be a moat and there's no threat of dragons. This is still a charming castle for the modern fairytale seeker!

Regal details

The facade of the home is a unique blend of stately regal architecture with the warmth and charm of a log cabin. Arched doorways and statues perched on the roof give off the impression of a modern castle. Wood details on the windows and the carefully linked together pieces make this home feel singularly regal.

Modern villa

From the front, the home inspired sentimentality for old European castles and estates. The back of the home is more evocative of a modernist institution. Many wood beams hold up the modular structure. Check out the pond right next to the home. It’s a charming landscape feature that you can enjoy even when you’re inside thanks to the extensive glazing in the home.

Grand entrance

Talk about making a statement! This one-of-a-kind entryway looks like it was pulled from a luxury hotel in the alps! The rich wood is accented by the antiqued red rug on the floor. The stand out feature has to be the ornate spiral ironwork staircase. Flowy curtains inspire romance and the incredible castle door eclipses the room with its grandeur.

Inspired by Versailles

This living room salon inspires memories of Versailles with its magnificent fireplace. The imposing marble mantle contrasts with the modern glazing in the home. This salon feels completely open to the green outdoors thanks to the surrounding windows and skylights. Red furnishings with leather and cream touches fill the room and invite one to relax in luxury.

Full height

The full height of this open plan room looks similar to that of a wooden lodge. Paintings on the glass ceilings give the home a touch of fairytale whimsy. The palette of red and wood is punctuated only by the bright sunlight that streams inside. We love the ironwork in the balcony above, giving this space a more romantic touch and tying it together with the stairs from the entryway.

Modern kitchen

For a fairytale villa, it has a surprisingly modern kitchen! This space doesn’t shy away from using high-shine stainless steel fixtures and sleek minimalist design. An island unfettered by barstools or seats gives the kitchen plenty of workspace for cooking up a feast.


The home is perfectly positioned to give you a great view no matter where you stand. From the kitchen, we can see through the entire main level of the home. The high ceilings and windows in unexpected places make this space airy and livable.

Fit for a king

This home fit for a king wouldn’t be complete without an inground hot tub surrounded by views of rolling green hills and forest. A unique space in its own right, it fits well with the home. We can imagine these hills covered in snow and imagine warming up in the hot tub, watching the flakes fall. Perfect for entertaining or and relaxing, this feature is fit for royalty.

Lasting impressions

Thanks for joining us on our tour of this spectacular wooden castle! We won’t soon forget this unique and luxurious home. The facade alone creates a lasting impression on all who see it.

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