The right lighting for every room in the apartment

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Chalet Gstaad Ardesia Design Rustic style dining room
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At homify we believe that the right lighting can transform any room. We often discuss the benefits of various kinds of light or how to improve the lighting in a specific area of your home. We also think it’s important to give you an overview, a jumping off point for figuring out which kind of lighting works best in each room. Every area in the house has a distinct purpose, and it’s important to create the right mood in each so that they are used to their fullest potentials. As we will see, some rooms require strong, bright lighting that could be disastrous to the ambiance of another and vice versa. Come with us as we explore each room and offer ideas about which kinds of lighting work best. Happy decorating!

Let the sunlight into your living room

At homify, we are huge fans of natural light. It is great for our sense of well being, and it’s just plain pleasing on the eye. In particular, we love the look of natural lighting in the living room. Illuminating your living room with sunlight will make it a cosier, more inviting place. Take this open plan living room for example. The golden hues of sunshine radiating into the room work beautifully with the honey coloured hardwood ceiling and add warmth to the natural stonewall. There are lots of ways to increase the natural lighting in your living room. Two of our favourite ideas are to add mirrors to multiply existing light and to paint the windowpane a shade lighter colour than the rest of the room to enhance its effect. Remember to keep window treatments light and sheer as well.

Subtly illuminate your kitchen

Lighting plays the most important practical role in the kitchen. It is necessary for our safety that we can see clearly when we are chopping things, and mistaking the wrong spice container can ruin a family dinner. Unlike other rooms, it’s far more acceptable to illuminate your kitchen with lots of strong, bright light. Knowing this doesn’t exactly help us in figuring out where to angle the lights or how to incorporate enough light into the kitchen without making the space feel cluttered with bulbs and fixtures. Not to worry! An easy means of adding more light to your kitchen is to embed halogen style lights such as the ones we (can’t) see in this kitchen. We reap all the benefits of brightness, without having to see the five bulbs creating it. Further, placing the lights below shelves or under the range hood help to make the light less harsh.

Create a focal point in the dining room

Chalet Gstaad Ardesia Design Rustic style dining room
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

Using light to create a spotlight effect is an excellent trick to create a focal point within the dining room. Specifically, hanging a light fixture from the ceiling directly over the dining room helps to bring vertical alignment to the space. In this room by Ardesia Design for instance, the light and the plants help to make the room look more centred. You might be wondering what’s so important about bringing more focus to the dining area. Doing so will subtly help to make the room more conducive to communally gathering around a given point.  Further, if your dining area is part of an open plan, it can bring aid in distinguishing this space from the rest of the open area.

Dim it down for a sultry bedroom

A Stunning Master Bedroom with White Floral Wall Mural & Lime Edge Rug Design by Deborah Ltd Modern Bedroom
Design by Deborah Ltd

A Stunning Master Bedroom with White Floral Wall Mural & Lime Edge Rug

Design by Deborah Ltd

In general we want our bedrooms to be places of serenity. Therefore, the ideal light in this space should be gentle. It can be difficult to strike the correct balance between functionality and tranquillity when it comes to illuminating the bedroom, however. Honestly, the levels of light you need in this room are more likely to change than in other areas of the home. In the evening you want to unwind with subdued light, while in the early morning hours you need a good source of bright light to begin your day. The solution? Go with a light that has a dimmer switch like the overhead fixture in this bedroom. It’s also a great idea to have some reading lamps on either side of the bed to fit each partners’ preferences and to allow easy access without having to get out of bed.

Brighten up your bathroom

Like the kitchen, you’re bound to need a bright source of light in the bathroom. This light must be direct and focused near the mirror so that you are able to spot the little things as you apply make-up, brush teeth, or shave. We recommend adhering fixtures directly above or on the sides of the mirror where you will be doing these activities. You will most easily be able to spot the small details in your dressing routine with a lighting system akin to the one in this bathroom. Hollywood dressing room mirrors have so many bulbs outlining their parameters for a reason. Natural lighting also has its place in the bathroom because it helps to create a level of brightness that is equal to the outdoors. A clerestory window in particular is ideal for bathroom lighting.

The right light for a child's room

The lighting in your child’s room certainly varies based on their age and personal preferences. It is especially important in the bedrooms of young children that the lighting system doesn’t involve a lot of stray chords. In fact, you don’t really want your little ones to have access to the outlets where the light is plugged in at all. That’s why we like the light fixtures used in this bedroom. The light is soft and fits the theme of the baby’s room and all chords are tucked safely away. For older children, it’s important that they have a good light on their desk for doing homework or drawing. Like their parents, they might also enjoy a reading lamp that is accessible from the bed. A child’s bedroom is a place for them to feel calm and secure so take care not to make the lighting in their room too harsh.

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