The 9 essentials of Hong Kong interior design

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Hong Kong interiors generally have a very distinctive look. This is surprising when you consider how outward-looking and modern this city can be. But somehow, Hong Kongese interior designers and architects have taken on these international influences and managed to combine them in a unique way. Today, we will pay tribute to the special style of Hong Kong interiors by highlighting just a few of the common themes we often see.

So get ready to be wowed and join us on a tour of the 9 essentials of Hong Kong interior design!

1. Smart use of space

Quite simply, Hong Kongese know how to use space smartly because we don't have much choice! But we definitely do it with style. Even the smallest one-room apartments often exhibit an extremely high level of design know-how. Check out this little style bomb, for example.

2. Small dwellings with fine finishes

Many homes lack internal windows, but Hong Kong designers make up for that with plush materials and great use of glass. This bathroom, for example, has a great shower room with a blue glass wall and a very effective use of space. 

3. Smart use of glass

This is a city of skyscrapers, so it's no surprise that large expanses of glass and chrome are a big part of this look. Here in this hallway or corridor we can also see how well glass is used to invite natural light into the depths of the home.

4. Minimalism

Hong Kong interiors are generally on the cutting edge of design, and that means that modern minimalism is inherent in the style. Life may be busy in this city, but we certainly know how to create a quiet and calming oasis in our homes.

5. A little experimental and forward thinking

Being on the cutting edge of design also means being a little experimental. We see that in playful little features and bright splashes of colour in many Hong Kong homes.

6. Adaptable

Illumination Terrace 光明臺 | Tai Hang Road 大坑道 Nelson W Design Modern Living Room Wood Beige
Nelson W Design

Illumination Terrace 光明臺 | Tai Hang Road 大坑道

Nelson W Design

In a small space you need to be extremely adaptable. So awkwardly-shaped homes are smartly thought out, and even the unique corners in the home have a special function.

7. Slick but earthy

Illumination Terrace 光明臺 | Tai Hang Road 大坑道 Nelson W Design Modern Dining Room Sandstone Grey
Nelson W Design

Illumination Terrace 光明臺 | Tai Hang Road 大坑道

Nelson W Design

Hong Kong can feel like a big concrete jungle at times, but that leads many Hong Kong designers to really focus on bringing nature into the home through the use of natural wood and stone finishes.

8. Surprising splashes of tropical greenery

This is a part of the world where tropical plants flourish and greenery peeks out to surprise us constantly. So Hong Kong interiors often have surprisingly lush green elements, even if it's just a few little bamboo plants.

9. Inspiring

The only constant in Hong Kong interior is that they are exciting and inspiring. This is a place where you can feel the energy of contemporary trends—even if it's just by visiting its landmark buildings.

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