20 homes that will make you think you're on holiday, all year round!

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When you have a penchant for travel, having a standard home can be a little underwhelming and it will certainly do nothing to cure your wanderlust either, but a house that has been designed and built to emulate a gorgeous holiday property will be perfect for you! Architects are well-equipped to deal with unusual building requests and if you've always dreamed of living abroad , but know that it's not a practical choice for you, we think you'll want to show your architect all of these houses that we have found, just for you travel fans! From stunning Alpine-style chalets through to French country cottages, there is something for everyone in this article and when you think that coming home to a house that feels like a holiday home must make the working day seem a little less arduous, isn't it worth considering? Let's take a look at some fabulous, restful and covetable homes and see which style you love the most!

1. Life's a beach!

house-05, dwarf dwarf Eclectic style houses

This fantastic wooden beach home is all you'd ever want to come home to, surely? It makes such great use of the location and offers instant relaxation too.

2. What is it about wood?

A's HOUSE, dwarf dwarf Classic style houses

As soon as you clad a home in wood, it has a natural holiday home appeal! We don't know how, but you can see it in action with this fantastic house!

3. Chalet heaven.

H's HOUSE, dwarf dwarf Classic style houses

It might not be in the mountains, but this home has all the charm and appeal of a traditional ski lodge! It looks so warm inside too!

4. A touch of the Mediterranean.

White render and sunshine are a dream combination, especially in terms of creating beautiful villas that have all the charm of a home of the continent. 

5. Ooh la la!

Has French country architecture ever looked so good? Pretty accents, wooden detailing and amazing colors have all come together to create a rustic French home, but not in France!

6. Alpine perfection.

Why are we picturing ourselves chopping wood and eating amazing chocolate, when we look at this house? It's the beautiful wooden shutters and little traditional details that make it look like a dreamy holiday cottage!

7. A splash of color.

As soon as you paint some wooden window shutters in a bright color, you are embracing a holiday home aesthetic and we love it! The red here feels so continental!

8. Simple and homely.

It may not be a fussy home, but this simple chalet is every inch what we'd book to get away from it all for a week or two! Imagine getting to come home to this every night of the week!

9. Mountainside marvel.

葉山下山口の家, honda honda Country style house Wood Brown

This home almost looks like a simple shepherding hut, with the secluded location, views out over the surroundings and simple wooden structure. What a home to live in all year round!

10. International inspiration.

It doesn't matter where you live, you can totally take inspiration from other countries, when you build your dream home. Just look at this amazing Mediterranean villa, complete with red clay roof tiles! 

11. Sensational sea views.

If we didn't know better, we'd swear this was Barcelona, with the Gaudi-esque shaping to the roof! What a way to draw inspiration from overseas and make a home feel more fabulous!

12. Simple settings.

You'll notice that houses on the continent are often simple in design, as they allow the location to really do all the hard work. That's what's happening here, with a white villa being totally supported by amazing holiday-esque sea views!

13. Something a little different!

It doesn't have to be all sea views and sunny skies to capture a holiday home aesthetic, as this stern and very British property shows! You'd stay in something similar during  along weekend in Britain and we bet you'd feel like royalty owning one all year round!

14. Mansion styling.

When the idea of a quaint cottage doesn't appeal to you, maybe a more luxurious mansion home will? When it comes to drawing inspiration from holiday homes, we don't think you can go wrong with something unapologetically luxurious!

15. The stuff of novels.

Don't you think that this home looks like something from an old novel? So stern and striking, it would make a fabulous holiday home, but more than that, an even better all-year home! You'd get to be the hero of your own story, all the time!

16. Pretty as a picture!

Houses like this should be on postcards, as they will make anyone not on holiday green with envy! The white render and red clay tiles work beautifully together here and have mastered the Mediterranean look, but on a different continent!

17. All about the terrace!

If you are genuinely keen to draw inspiration from holiday homes, you need to think about your terrace, as that's where you spend the most time in houses on the continent! Well lit, inviting and full of character, a pretty patio will give you holiday vibes all year!

18. 5* accommodation.

Wow! Talk about a dream house! This could be a luxury resort, it's that big and beautiful and we bet the inside is just as fabulous too! Imagine owning something like this!

19. Your very own castle.

If you always like the idea of holidaying in a castle, why not build your next home to look like one? If it seems pricey, just remember that you'd never need another holiday, so you'll recoup some budget that way!

20. Colonial perfection.

White wood cladding always brings beach homes to mind, which is probably why so many colonial homes are now finished in it. Relaxing, charming and so reviving, these homes want for nothing, even if they aren't near a beach!

For a little more lovely architecture, take a look at this article: 36 photos of two-story houses that will inspire you!

Which of these styles would really help you embrace your passion for the continent?

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