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Today we travel to Portugal to set foot in a house that has a distinct minimalist approach. The creative brainchild of the professionals of Artspazios studio, this structure presents a beauty and modesty that makes it particularly interesting. 

Arising from the typical Portuguese-style housing, this creation has been designed to be the exact opposite of the traditional and modern styles. It has taken a severe turn into another direction, and we are left with a structure that could very well be defined as timeless. Timeless because of its ageless structure, layout and decor pieces that make it quite difficult to place.

Let’s start discovering this extraordinary space.

The location

Aguiar da Beira, a small village in Portugal, is where we locate this structure. As a token of respect to the town’s limited size, only a portion of the available landscape was used for the building of this humble creation.

From this angle, the facade presents a modest presence, typically minimalistic. No colours, no hefty patterns to distract from the design – this is unassuming and very straightforward.

A whisper of colour

Although the facade presents a strict uniformity, it actually conceals a slightly more energetic atmosphere on the inside. Few windows interrupt the concrete, not because of a dislike of natural lighting, but because of a love of privacy. The few windows and doors allowed have been carefully sized in order to permit only a measured amount of lighting to invade the interior. 

From this angle, we get a glimmer of some colour – and the yellows, reds and greens are enhanced fantastically by the pale concrete canvas.

The importance of the setting

As with most homes, this area where the house is constructed has not been chosen at random. The volumes of space surrounding the façade have a big influence on the architecture, and play an important part to maximise the physical well-being, as well as the day-to-day life, of the residents. 

Every single detail, from a splash of red hot decor to the majority of cold concrete, has been carefully decided upon, and adds their share (however small it might appear to be) to the overall liveliness of the construction.

Entering the interior

As we retreat indoors, the presence of concrete follows us, although in a slightly more subdued manner. To offset the cold concrete, we have a warm addition of wood for a more softer indoor approach. 

Each of the indoor divisions was treated in order to fully complement the functional requirements. These materials were not just chosen for their aesthetic values, but for their practical ones too. 

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Lit up

The kitchen is only one of the interior areas that have a large area of windows to let natural light in (the living room is the other one). Similar to the outside, we have a pale colour tone at work here, yet this time it is less grey, whiter and slightly “warmer”. 

Different lightings dangle down from the ceiling in order to provide a sufficient amount of light, should sunlight not be a possible option.  

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Breaking the monotony

Venturing further into the kitchen exceeds our expectations. We have quite a few splashes of healthy colour that contrast significantly with the pale concrete.  These bright spots break up the uniformity of the house and interrupt the sobriety of the construction materials.  

A minimalistic house, with its kitchen furniture making up a neat example of the eclectic style, showing off a variety of periods through a delicious mixture of colours, patterns, shapes and materials.

An ageless abode

Looking back on our journey, dwelling around (and into) this structure was achieved with great simplicity. No overly decorated corners, no excessive patterns or styles screaming for attention – it is a complex multidisciplinary piece of work that is neither traditional nor modern. 

This house has managed to achieve timelessness, as was the exact vision of the studio responsible for its existence.

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