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An incredibly artistic Long Island home

Barbara Ivusic Barbara Ivusic
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Today we will show you a home located in Southampton, New York. It was built for a creative couple; an artist and a Broadway producer. This is their home away from home, the place they retreat to when their busy city lives get stressful. It is a perfect contemporary home for a creative and modern couple and has everything you need to escape from a hectic city life. There are areas which inspire creativity and balance, while there are areas for sheer enjoyment. 

You will love what you see in this home!


The exterior of this home is modern and stands out against the surrounding nature. The two-tone facade features a wood paneled upper level and a concrete lower level. The slanted roof is great for the cold winters because it allows the snow to slide right off rather than collect on the roof and cause damage. It also provides a very unique feature to the architecture of the home.


The lower level of the home has many parts which all give a unique edge to the architecture. There are many windows all along this super modern home which utilizes all the light from the outside! 


This very simple and charming kitchen is neat and organized. Nothing in the home feels cluttered which makes this 4,800 square foot home feel even bigger than it is. The kitchen is no exception, with sleek cabinets that don't have handles and clean lines throughout the space.

Living room.

This creative couple enjoys a place in which they can relax, and this living room is perfect for that. The room is quite simple and does not feel too cluttered.

The two armchairs in the space also reflect the different and opposing styles of the couple; one is a bit more vintage while the other is a bit more modern. Their creative styles are in balance in this room, as they merge creativity, art and music together. 

Back yard luxury.

There is no better way to escape the city life than with a big house and a big relaxing pool in the backyard. The home is designed in an L-shape, providing a natural barrier from the surroundings on two sides rather than just one. The lovely pool is large enough to relax in or get in a few laps for exercise. There is even a little hot tub for the colder months!


Long Island is a very pretty location with lots of trees, nature, and a long strip of beaches. There is no shortage of relaxation and inspiration here. This home is complete with a large atelier which provides plenty of storage for art supplies and a big work surface. The high ceilings are necessary for those who work with paint so that they air can flow better and the windows provide plenty of natural light. 

This charming home will delight your senses! 

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