10 wonderful home entrance ideas

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The entrance to your home is not merely a passageway to your living spaces, it is an entry into your world that reflects your persona. Time and again, interior decorators have emphasized on the significance of giving due consideration to the design & decor of the home entrance. Your entrance is what decides the first impression of your home interior, and that is what makes it really important to give your entrance & hallway a dash of flair which wows your visitors. 

In this article, homify offers you 10 inspiring ideas to give your home entrance that extra zing which makes your guests jealous and you, super proud. Have a look and find out which of these fit the bill to perfect your space for that superlative first impression!

1. Pivotal singularity.

A visually appealing single door adds dollops of style to the home entrance. The apt size, hues, material & design lend an entrance the quintessential inviting feel. Dark grey details of this pivoting door bring a lot of oomph into the entrance of this warm Mediterranean home. The pivoting door is increasingly finding more & more takers in all sorts of residences, and it imparts your home the dapper touch to add that stylish originality you always wanted.

2. Graceful clarity of invite.

Employing wood and glass makes a space appear more elegant, warm and clean. As shown here, in this modern entrance, the walls and ceiling have been covered in light wood slats which lends a softness to this space; using glass for the door illuminates the space to enhance its brightness by reflection from the clear glassy surface. Moreover, the wooden hues agree readily with the glossy floor tiles as well. With some potted greens greeting you, it is a bright and welcome entrance indeed!

3. Trendy touch of nature.

Combination of natural elements works wonders for doing up a home entrance as we can see here- generous hints of wood and lots of floral freshness make your entrance sing unique notes of vibrant elegance. The glass in the wooden door allows for soothing view of the exterior garden from the hallway, also decking up the door in the process and letting in ample natural light during daytime.

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4. An eclectic mix.

Creating a dapper innovation by mixing trends to adorn your home entrance is another great idea. Look at the hallway in this image to see how an old portrait in a modern frame and a modish table bearing contemporary lines in a backdrop of dated wallpaper form a smashing combo to lend a fabulously jazzy look.

The basal idea is to mix elements that tastefully go together, without making the area appear crowded or bearing a confused design. And the result is visibly awesome!

5. Predominant pop of panache.

It is a smart idea to have a predominant color, and by this we do not mean that your hallway should be bathed in red, yellow or green. What we want to suggest is simply that having a base color serves as a good starting point to begin decorating your entrance. As clearly shown here, blue has been made the base color and it is represented in the wallpaper, decorative plates, cushions and also the carpet. This style of decor connects every element chromatically, making it a truly pleasing sight.

6. Classic poise of retro.

A piece of statement retro furniture can add tons of jazz to your hallway. As in this image, a chic & bright nostalgic sideboard with lantern-style lamps is an ideal choice to pimp up your entrance.

7. Luminous reflections.

Lighting is a key requirement when designing a home- be it the exterior aspect or interior. Every room needs lighting but your home entrance deserves special illumination. A truly bold & designer light fixture looks remarkable in a hallway, introducing ample pizzazz. As you can see here, this group of pendant lights looks singular in this carefully decorated hallway with recessed lighting in the ceiling. Another amazing idea is using mirrors that reflect the brightness & complement the lighting to make the entire space dazzle. These two elements perfectly bedeck and transform the home entrance into an elegant & desirable space.

8. Fluid style.

Hydraulic tiles, with their engaging patterns, look adorable and are perfect to be used on the floor/ wall of the entrance & hallway, imparting them a refreshing aesthetic vibe.

9. Beaming with curvy allure.

In a large entrance hall, curved beamed ceilings like this one are sure to add an entirely novel dimension replete with exquisite grace. In the image, the curved beamed ceiling of this impressive classic hallway looks delicate with the welcoming accents of the traditional oak timber frame extension.

10. Old is gold.

An old or reclaimed piece of furniture is a decor idea oozing with novelty. Such an element is bound to lend your home entrance that appealingly quaint feel. For example, this charming blue dresser has that precious antique aura that makes this entrance look imposingly attractive. Matching chairs, fresh flowers, glowing candles and the contemporary wall frame with the art-piece complement the dresser beautifully.

How does your home entrance reflect your persona?

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