Important things you need to know before buying your wardrobe

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It all just seems so easy, doesn't it? You decorate your bedroom, buy a wardrobe and you're done. But, hang on a minute! Your closet doesn't quite look right in that space! What happened?

We know the pain of getting carried away and buying furniture too soon just because we like how it looked but a lot more consideration needs to go into storage buying. Buying wardrobes is a particularly tricky endeavour as you have so much more than aesthetics to consider. So, where to start?

We have compiled our top tips for buying a wardrobe so take a look before your take the plunge!

Tip 1: Measure the space you have to fill

Westbury Painted Cream Triple Wardrobe The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom
The Cotswold Company

Westbury Painted Cream Triple Wardrobe

The Cotswold Company

This sounds so obvious doesn't it and yet, so many people neglect this all important step! We aren't just telling you to consider this in terms of buying wardrobes that are small enough to fit in your room though, we think you need to think about buying furniture that is BIG enough to look proportional!

This beautiful wardrobe, featured by The Cotswold Company, looks so good, in part, because it is the right size for the bedroom, rather than looking a little too small or pokey. Furniture should fit your room and your needs and when it comes to clothes, you will always buy more, so get your head around thinking big, not pared back!

Tip 2: Calculate your storage needs

Kid's room homify Nursery/kid's roomWardrobes & closets

Kid's room


Buying wardrobes can be tricky if you don't know exactly how much storage you need and in what format! Yes, you will no doubt need tall storage that can accommodate trousers, shirts and dresses, but what if you have an enormous amount of jumpers to take into consideration? Will you have enough space to hang them all?

We think this fantastic closet and storage system is perfect for demonstrating what we mean, as it offers flexibility and tailored solutions. With enough drawers to tackle a gargantuan amount of underwear, t-shirts and other folding items, the closet is free for longer pieces and shoes. Perfect!

Tip 3: Choose the right style for the wider room

If you have a beautifully natural and pared back bedroom that almost looks to be taking on a minimalist vibe, you probably realise that a huge antique French country installation would look more than a little out of place, so when buying wardrobes, really think about if they support the wider design aesthetic that you already have in place. With a little research, you are sure to find something suitable that also accommodates your needs.

We love this barely-there wooden clothing rack, as it is so perfect for the room as a whole, it almost blends into the background. What a dreamy choice!

Tip 4: Focus on colours and materials

If you aren't quite sure how best to choose a closet that will work with your room, turn your attention to the colours and materials that you have used the most, as these will guide you when buying wardrobes!

We love this example, that sees a large wardrobe, that looks perfectly proportional in the room, finished in a stunning wooden parquet style, with a coordinating cream sliding door. The cream and brown are effectively picking up the accent colours in the room, while the use of wood nods to the other natural materials at play, making this a totally harmonious furniture selection. Gorgeous!

Tip 5: Think about the doors

Buying wardrobes isn't as simple as finding one that will fit all your clothes in it and saying yes; you have to give it far more consideration than that, even down to smaller nuances such as what styles of doors you like.

For limited footprints, sliding doors make perfect sense, as they won't open out into the room and take up valuable space and if you can couple that with an extra function, such as being a mirror, so much the better! Space saving techniques such as this have long made optimum use of smaller spaces, so take a look at your bedroom and think about whether large, traditional doors or something a little more clever might be best for you, both aesthetically and practically.

Tip 6: Check that you have enough organisation

Linen Walk-in-wardrobes Lamco Design LTD BedroomWardrobes & closets
Lamco Design LTD

Linen Walk-in-wardrobes

Lamco Design LTD

A closet is more than just a hanging rail in a box; it offers you an untold amount of organisational opportunities, so when you are buying wardrobes, be sure to think about the way you dress and what you need to store the most of. 

Jewellery drawers, such as this one, are a great way to minimise clutter, while built in shoe racks and cubbyholes allow for less mess in your bedroom and can even negate the need for extra furniture. Wardrobes can be the most essential item of bedroom storage you will ever own, if you give them some careful thought!

For more bedroom storage inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Brilliant Bedroom Storage.

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