9 Unique dining rooms that you'll find tasty

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It sometimes feels as though separate dining rooms are a thing of the past, with so many people seeking to combine their eating and cooking spaces into one, but we aren't mad at that trend, as it creates amazing and cohesive spaces! We thought it would be fun to see if we can find some unusual dining spots to show you today, just in case you are trying to think of a way to include a sit-down eating space in your home and we know that all of these will give you some great ideas! Kitchen planners make combining kitchen and dining spaces look so easy, but before you tackle a similar project, drink in all of this wonderful inspiration and see which style you fancy emulating!

1. Eclectic.

G House - Dining Room NEN Minimalist dining room

G House—Dining Room


Who needs a set of matching dining chairs when a host of different styles can look so eclectic and amazing? In an otherwise ordered and minimal room, this aversion to order really works and adds a fabulous sense of whimsy and fun!

2. Cozy.

You wouldn't believe how the rest of this New York townhouse looks, but as far as capturing a cozy dining space aesthetic goes, this is a home run! Warm tones, a traditional farmhouse table and overhead lighting all beckons you in!

3. Family-friendly.

Wow! In a busy household, we have to say that this extra long dining table looks like it is totally fit for purpose! Colorful chairs and a direct connection to the kitchen make this a dining room that feels fun and lively!

4. Industrial.

Loft on Grand Street, NY, Labo Design Studio Labo Design Studio House
Labo Design Studio

Loft on Grand Street, NY

Labo Design Studio

This is a stealthy dining area, with the kitchen mounted against the rear wall and smoothly transitioning into a steel and glass table. The retro chairs add in so much style, but it's the pared back and functional element that grabs our attention.

5. Minimal.

Townhouse Upper East Side, NY, Labo Design Studio Labo Design Studio House
Labo Design Studio

Townhouse Upper East Side, NY

Labo Design Studio

We've sat and looked at this dining area for a few minutes, as it's so striking! Totally uncluttered and relying solely on a large and bold table design, this gorgeous area really means business. It feels so enclosed and yet open too, thanks to the dark walls!

6. Squeezed in.

If you think that you have too many belongings to make a dining room work, think again, as this room is filled to the brim with furniture, but still looks wonderful! In fact, there is a cozy and snug vibe!

7. Multifunctional.

In a small kitchen, you might not have room for an island, so pop your dining table in there and you can kill two birds with one stone! Offering an extra work surface, as well as a pleasant place to convene for meals, this is a great idea!

8. Sun-seeker.

Any sunny little corner can make for a perfectly charming dining spot, but we suggest opting for a circular table, as they are far easier to integrate into a room when space is tight! Just look at how charming this small but functional set-up looks!

9. Bistro.

In a truly tiny home, you might think that a dining area is something you need to forgo, but in all honesty, a bistro furniture set will fit in even the smallest of spaces! You can't deny that this little installation looks cute as a button!

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Which of these styles would work well in your home?

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