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Using tech to design your dream home

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If you haven't had cause to commission an architect before, there is probably a good chance that you haven't played around with Computer Aided Design (CAD) before, but we want to encourage you to look into it, as it is such a valuable home design tech tool! Even if you are simply considering revamping your interior, if you use computer software to mock up what your home could look like, you'll remove all the risks associated with bold color choices and unusual wall finishes, not to mention being able to check that things will fit where you think they will! If you want to get creative, but not at the detriment of your current interior design scheme, come with us now as we show you why CAD is such a great skill to learn!

1. You won't have to guess if furniture will fit.

There's nothing worse than trying to create a beautiful home interior, only to discover that the furniture you've bought doesn't fit and can't be made to fit your rooms! CAD is fantastic, as you can pop in the dimensions of your proposed furniture, draw a scale version of your room and then see how it will look! So clever!

2. You can even add in the view from your home, to check for cohesion.

It's no use recreating your home on a computer screen, if it doesn't really look like your space! That won't let you properly picture how gorgeous different rooms could look, so the ability to add in proper views in the form of photographs is amazing! You'll actually be able to genuinely visualize how a new scheme will look.

3. You can test-drive daring new potential purchases.

CAD is ideal for when you are in two minds about adding in a large or daring new piece of furniture, as you don't ever know if it will work until you buy it and if it doesn't, you're blooming lumbered with it anyway! Draw up a room and add in what you're thinking of buying and if it looks utterly fantastic, you know it's a no-brainer!

4. You can play with colors, without committing.

This is one of the best reasons to get to grips with CAD, as there really isn't anything more disheartening than redecorating a room, only to discover that the colors you used don't quite work they way you thought they would! Play about in CAD and try a rainbow of different options, as you might be surprised by something that you would have never thought of!

5. You can play with different levels easily.

As well as offering you an easy way to experiment with colors, CAD helps you to visualize multi-level layouts a little more clearly. If you have your heart set on a sunken bath, for example, you really need to make sure that it will look the way you think it will, otherwise that's a lot of work for nothing!

For more CAD inspiration, take a look at this article: 36 photos of two-story houses that will inspire you!

Can you see the value in computer design for your interior?
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