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Embracing open floor plan living isn't for everyone, but if you are on the fence and potentially persuadable, let us show you some absolutely lovely homes that enjoy an open and spacious layout! Interior designers are consistently shocking us with their takes on open floor plan living and we are seeing an increasing number of projects that offer unconstrained spaces that feel modern and homely all at once! There are so many amazing ways to approach a more open-plan interior design scheme and we've found some super example to show you today, so let's take a look right now!

1. Small and sweet.

If you thought that open-plan schemes have to be large, minimal spaces, think again! This home is small, sweet and fabulous, not to mention easy to maintain and totally open!

2. Loft-style design.

There's something very appealing about loft-style living and this gorgeous space is proving that beyond any doubt! This kitchen/dining area is heavenly, but wait until you see what it leads out into!

Spin around in the kitchen area and this is what you see in this terrific home! Wow! With polished concrete floors and retro furniture, this is a such a cool pad! 

3. Fabulous from front to back!

WOW! Just look at the way this open plan scheme stretches from the front door, through to the back of the house! Walking into an open floor plan living room, you then meet a stylish dining space and finally, the kitchen. We think we need a closer look at the kitchen though!

The wood cladding in the kitchen has worked wonders to distinguish the space, but without closing off any of the open plan scheme. Now that's an incredible idea! Who needs interior doors anyway?

4. Old meets new.

If you think that older properties can't embrace an open-plan scheme easily, think again! This heritage home looks great, with stripped floorboards running throughout and shabby chic furniture looking perfect near the Aga! Let's see how the other end looks!

You see? This period home looks fantastic with no internal walls or doors getting in the way! Open, sociable and so light, we think this design style actually really suits older homes that need a little revival!

5. Easy transition.

Now this is what you call open-plan living! A through-and-through design, from front to back, there is such an easy flow from living to dining room and kitchen. Keeping the lighting the same throughout has made for such a cohesive look!

6. Round the bend.

How unusual is this incredible home? With a central circular courtyard in place, the open-plan scheme here has a wraparound flow and encompasses a living room, a casual seating spot, dining room and kitchen, all in one fluid curve! Absolutely astonishing!

7. Open plan living!

Show us a room with wooden parquet in place and we are sold, so this open-plan space is utterly spellbinding for us! Wide open, free of divisions and so relaxed, this space really does look and feel incredible, but there is a privacy element in play, should it be required…

Such a simple idea, this glass screen allows the owners to close off the kitchen, but not shut out any natural light! This would be a great idea to copy if you need to ease yourself in to open living!

For more modern inspiration, take a look at this article: A modern apartment with retro motifs that will make you say wow.

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