Secluded homes that will make you want to get away from it all

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Dream home design isn't easy, which is why we all entrust the task to amazing architects, but we do think that taking a look at projects that have already completed can give us some much needed inspiration and even motivation! We think that we've found three incredible detached homes that will appeal to any of you that dream of getting out of the city and into the countryside, as they are all as secluded as they are spectacular! If you are in the mood for a little fantasy home planning, come with us now as we show you some absolutely mind-blowing properties!

1. Modern and boxy!

Wow! This rendering certainly shows that this project has the potential to be something special. Built in accordance with strict planning guidelines, due to the proximity to beach dunes, three modular wooden boxes make up a large and contemporary building, but how will the inside look? 

1. Groovy baby!

WOAH! Does this living room make you feel funky? It does us! Uniform white interior walls offer the perfect backdrop for some fun and punchy color accents, which permeate the entire property and create a lovely dialogue of retro and youthful design. Just wait until you see a picture of this house at night!

1. Gorgeous aesthetic!

Wow! Seriously, the rendering was lovely, but in reality, this house is so much more, don't you agree? With a lovely storage area for water sports equipment and uninterrupted views out to the beach, this is a staggering detached home that is so contemporary, it almost hurts our eyes! We don't want you to miss any of this home, so take a look at the original article, here!

2. Hilltop heaven!

Found in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this stunning steel and wood home certainly makes a visual impact! Combining rich stained wood with smooth concrete and industrial steel makes for an impact facade that makes no bones about not trying to blend in with the surroundings and we love the audacity of it!

2. Neutral and nice.

You can really see why the location was chosen here, as the views really do create a beautiful backdrop for a calm and neutral interior space. A heady mix of different aesthetics, with retro furniture, modern sofas, a minimalist feel and an industrial fireplace, this is a real hybrid that just works!

2. All about the view.

Delightful. Taking the time to include a perimeter terrace up on the higher level here was inspired, as it lends itself to uninterrupted views of the gorgeous setting. There's something understated and yet at the same time, opulent about this home, but don't just take our word for it, check out even more pictures, here!

3. Mountainside marvel.

Taking an abandoned steel frame, this utterly incredible five-story home was created, but the hits just keep on coming with this property! Nestled in among the rainforest and with a music studio, this really is something from a movie! Just wait until you see some extra details! 

3. Cooking up a storm.

We were spoiled for choice in terms of which interior rooms to showcase, but we thought that this rich dark wood kitchen has some seriously individual style and was the right choice. As you can see, the inside proportions are nothing short of enormous and there is a demonstrably sociable element to this home too…

3. Don't forget your swimming costume!

We say that you don't want to forget your swimming costume here, but being totally secluded, it wouldn't matter if you did! the ultimate finishing touch for an already spectacular home, the infinity pool here enjoys some of the most enviable views that we have ever seen. 

If you fancy looking around more of this home, take a look at this article: A home that resembles a modern fortress on the hills.

Which of these homes would you love to settle down in?

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