14 modern bathrooms you will wish for your home

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A fresh and beautiful bathroom can be the ultimate finishing touch for your home, but nobody wants to feel as though they are behind the times in terms of design! There was a time when an all-white bathroom would have been considered the very cutting edge of chic styling, but bathroom designers are now increasingly being asked to create eye-catching, modern and unusual spaces, so we thought we would show you some of them today, to fire up your imagination. You'll be shocked at some of the colors, finishes and materials being used here, but if you decide to copy any of them, you know that you'll be bang up to date!

1. Concrete and wood.

The stark industrial look of polished concrete is beautifully offset by naturally stunning wood here! What a bold contrast that really works!

2. Zingy and refreshing.

We are huge fans of bright, sunny colors in small bathrooms, as they seem to grow the space and add such a positive feel! This all-yellow everything design is divine!

3. Organic with bare brick.

For a more natural look, bare brick walls are hard to beat! With open shelves mounted on them, they just look so steadfast, stylish and timeless!

4. Stunning with mosaics.

Mosaic tiles aren't a new innovation for bathrooms, but creating mosaic pictures is definitely different! Just imagine all the different images you could recreate!

5. Fresh and funky!

Oooh, what a vibrant and inviting little slice of the Mediterranean this bathroom is! The startling floor design really lifts the whole room and makes room for some equally funky towels too.

6. Simply divided.

The black and white styling here is so clever, as it effectively divides the practical applications of the room, leaving a tiny shower screen as more than enough of a physical barrier! Those black mosaics are gorgeous!

7. Retro and sweet.

A pale mint green paint scheme and awesome checkerboard floor have really captured a retro aesthetic here and we love how fun, flirty and fresh it looks! 

8. Influenced by Scandinavian design.

A geometric floor, yellow vanity unit and white walls can only mean one thing; this room has taken a lot of style pointers from Scandinavian motifs! Funky and yet understated, we love this little room!

9. Wonderfully rustic.

Stone cladding, trailing plants and a rough wooden vanity ledge all make for a terrifically rustic and organic vibe here! Can't you just imagine enjoying a hot shower and some intense incense in here?

10. Subtly accented.

You don't need to go overboard with accent motifs to create a beautifully modern bathroom, as this simple design proves! With a simple mirrored tile design, there is a cohesion and charm here that is undeniable!

11. Classic white and wood.

Wood and white will aways be the best of friends in a modern bathroom, as they balance each other out so perfectly, thanks to their natural warmth and coolness! Together, they look fresh and timeless!

12. All about the splashbacks.

If you want to make your bathroom a little more extraordinary, it can be as simple as installing a few matching splashback areas, with gorgeous tiles. This bathroom has benefited no end from the glossy green squares here!

13. Nicely natural.

Fancy finishes can get a little over the top, so why not think about scaling back and embracing more natural finishes? A painted brick wall will add some much texture and style to a bathroom, not to mention contrast!

14. Bronzed beauty.

Sometimes, all that glitters IS gold, or in this case, bronze! The metallic mosaic tiles here, used in great quantity, have really raised the profile of the room and created a unique, luxurious space like no other!

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Which of these bathrooms did you fall in love with?

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