A unique and luxurious cabin-like home

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ИЗБА&LOFT, Дизайн студия Алёны Чекалиной Дизайн студия Алёны Чекалиной industrial style corridor, hallway & stairs
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Combining rustic elements with modernism is a rage in the design and decor world today. And the double-story residence we are about to explore is a perfect example of this. The interior architects at Design Studio Alena Chekalin have used walls made of treated and painted wooden logs with beautiful colors and elegant furniture to make this home one of a kind. You might feel as if you are exploring a luxurious, comfy and practical cabin as the tour progresses. Creative ideas, trendy designs and numerous glass windows make the abode look spacious, smart and airy. Unique light fixtures and innovative floor designs are other specialties of this property.

Warm entrance .

A large and stylish wooden door, unique brick flooring and walls made of logs make the entrance rustic yet very elegant and inviting. The smooth wall on the right and recessed lights are the modern touches here.

Lavish living.

The unusual shape of the living space is enhanced by the log walls, uniquely designed ceiling and tall glass windows. A customized green sofa, colorful cushions, a pretty chandelier and faux tiger skin add to the luxurious look. The circular dining arrangement is very classy and contrasts the dark floor nicely.

So vibrant!

A gorgeously painted wall panel behind the TV, a beautiful coffee table with leaf-like top, and the blue and purple seats of the dining chairs make this a very lively place.

Ultramodern kitchen.

Tiles with 3D prints all over add a whole new trendy edge to this spacious and well-lit kitchen. The textured floor and ultramodern appliances make this a cozy and convenient space.

Creative room for the daughter.

Lavish amounts of wood, sober colors, trendy but cozy furniture and some artworks make this room perfect for the young daughter to relax and brainstorm in. The window accommodates the slope of the ceiling nicely, while a sleek iron ladder leads to the loft bed.

High up and fun!

The loft bed is a playful and smart addition in the daughter’s room and it doesn’t waste any floor area. Strong rope cables ensure protection, while a wall-mounted TV promises entertainment before bedtime.

Sophisticated bathroom.

As a mix of soothing shades like grey, white and beige, the bathroom on the ground floor looks welcoming and bright. A sensible sink counter with inbuilt shelf for towels and fashionable sanitary wares add to the comfort factor.

Stunning staircase.

Crafted from wood and iron, this sleek and modern staircase is a beautiful way to go up. It complements the black and white checkerboard flooring, while the tall red bookshelf is a vibrant addition on the left.

Artistic and sober.

The first floor landing is a very sober, soothing and rustic space where black and white framed photos add spunk. A trendy lamp brightens up the area.

Aesthetic touches.

A vintage style bureau with a round ornately carved mirror adds personality to the cozy upstairs landing. We also love how three neat steps take you to the informal family room on this floor. Sliding glass doors in metal frames allow the landing to connect with the family room visually and actually.

Gorgeous bedroom.

Brightly and naturally illuminated with the help of large skylights, this bedroom boasts of a regal bed, stunning bedside lamps and an abstract painting. Brilliant shades of blue on the carpet add color to the space, while stylish glass doors in black metal frames separate it from the family room. The elegant curtains can be drawn to protect privacy when the need arises.

Homely family room.

Equipped with wooden beams and skylights on the ceiling, the family room is warm and cheerful. A long gray sofa peppered with colorful cushions makes seating comfortable, while the turquoise TV unit add uniqueness.

Sun-kissed nook.

The window ledge in the family room has been cleverly utilized to act as a casual study nook. A large white closet and a trendy chair complete the look in this area.

Flower power.

A stunning wall panel depicting enormous and luscious roses adds oodles of charm and exclusivity to this bedroom. Rustic walls, an elegant wood-framed mirror and large glass windows make this a bright and happy place. The patterns on the duvet lend visual interest too.

Corner for the baby.

A corner next to the window has been reserved for the baby and features a modern crib and playful hangings. The unique chandelier and the simple but sophisticated wardrobe look beautiful too.

Bold and unique.

Unique bedside lamps and an enchanting chandelier make this bedroom truly special. The touch of black on the drapes as well as the bedspread contributes to the bold look.

Opulent bathroom.

Tiles with floral prints appear randomly on this bathroom’s floor to make for a charming and inviting ambiance. Fashionable sanitary wares in glossy white, a storage-friendly sink unit, a large mirror, and softly glowing lights promise tons of bathing pleasures. The wooden table beside the tub and the tall inbuilt shelf are perfect for organizing toiletries.  

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