Cheap space solutions for small homes

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We don't know what all the fuss is about regarding small homes as they're just as practical, stylish and enjoyable as huge mansions, if you know how to decorate them effectively.

Interior designers hold all the secrets in terms of making small spaces look and feel bigger, but we've been spying on them and their most successful projects to learn all their tricks, which we're going to share with you.

Read on if you keep thinking your home would be perfect if you could just open up some extra floor space or make more of necessary items, as we have so many amazing tips for you today!

1. Build shelves up to the ceiling

SUDOKU Bookshelves HORM.IT Modern Living Room

SUDOKU Bookshelves


Small homes have to put shelving to good use, but few actually build all the way up to the ceiling, which means a wealth of wasted space.

High-level shelves are perfect for displaying beloved trinkets and memorabilia and, being above your head, they won't feel claustrophobic or space-draining.

2. Keep the dining area compact

A specific dining room can be a wanton waste of an area in a small home, but a perfectly contained dining spot makes absolute sense. 

If you can, add a breakfast bar section to your kitchen to keep functionalities together and comfortable, relaxing spaces separate.

3. Build between the stud work

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Stovax Heating Group

Riva Studio Duplex Fire

Stovax Heating Group

Inset anything is a fantastic idea for a small home, so take inspiration from this fabulous picture. 

An inset fire takes up no extra space in the room, but if that's not for you, how about inset shelving? We some some here as a handy log store, but you could repurpose the area for normal book displays.

4. Make corners work harder for you

Why are corners always redundant? It used to be hard to find effective corner furniture, but these days it's so easy so there's no excuse for letting a corner go to waste.

Simple shelving will open up so much extra storage in every room, from your bathroom to your living room.

5. Use your doors for storage

Childrens Zero-Twist Pure Cotton Bathrobe with Hood King of Cotton BathroomTextiles & accessories Cotton Multicolored
King of Cotton

Childrens Zero-Twist Pure Cotton Bathrobe with Hood

King of Cotton

Speaking of bathrooms, we all have towels and robes to hang up, but instead of drowning an entire wall, how about adding handy rails and hooks to the door? 

It's an element that will always be there, so you may as well make better use of it, freeing up walls that will help to make your room feel bigger.

6. Install large mirrors

Inigo floor mirror Loaf BedroomAccessories & decoration Glass Metallic/Silver

Inigo floor mirror


It's no secret that a well-placed large mirror will increase the perceived space in a small home, but don't just use this tip in one room when every space can benefit! 

It really will help to make your home look and feel brighter.

7. Wall mount your bedside lights

Folio Design | The Hampstead Home | Bedside Table Folio Design Modern Bedroom
Folio Design

Folio Design | The Hampstead Home | Bedside Table

Folio Design

Bedside lamps are wonderful for creating a softer, sleepier ambience, but they do necessitate bulky tables. 

small bedroom won't be able to accommodate such additions, so wall-mounting your lights is a great space-saving idea!

8. Add drawers under your bed

Before you say you don't have enough space for standard under-bed drawers, we don't mean that you have to buy ready-made items. 

If you make your own (from plastic tubs and castors), you'll open up a wealth of storage space and know they'll fit like a glove.

9. Invest in transforming furniture

The Sofa Bed Co. THE STORAGE BED Modern Living Room

The Sofa Bed Co.


Even small homes need a little overnight guest potential and the simple way to deal with this is to choose a sofa for your living room that quickly and easily opens up into a comfortable bed. 

During the day, you won't be able to tell that the seating area is transformative. But come nighttime, you'll be so glad to have the option!

10. Open up the under-stairs space

The space under your stairs is prime real estate, if you know how to convert it! 

We're constantly impressed by the innovative ideas people come up with—from hidden storage to water closets and even small office areas—so get creative and decide what you need.

11. Divide and conquer with sliding screens

Keeping a smaller home a little more open-plan is a great way to take advantage of the space you do have. However, when you want some privacy, sliding screens are a fantastic and non-permanent option worth considering. 

Wooden partitions, as seen here, actually remain quite open and allow light to flow, so they don't shrink the room even when they're in use!

For more clever small home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Cheap and easy home improvement ideas.

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