Top 5: smart ideas for less than $100 to 12 bedrooms according to your zodiac sign

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This week, we have gathered the top 5 hit articles just for you! We start with our most popular article, a list that helps you save money: ''13 smart ideas for your home for less than $100'' and we end with another list: ''12 Bedrooms for each zodiac sign.'' Let us know if we got your bedroom right! 

 You have to check articles 2 to 4, they are yummy too!  

1.) 13 smart ideas for your home for less than $100.

Upgrading a home is a never ending task, but you don't want to blow the budget, do you? With that in mind, we've discovered a host of wonderful things that you can do for under $100 that will still make a wonderful impact! Interior designers are geniuses when it comes to making a home look better with a few simple touches and we've discovered some of their secrets, which we're going to share with you right now! Put away the design magazines and see which of these terrific ideas could add the finishing touches that you've been longing for! 

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2.) The top 10 houses and plans that will inspire you to build your own!

If you've been giving serious thought to commissioning an architect to design you your dream home, don't make the call before you take a look at some of the most astounding designs that we have ever seen! Each of these 10 homes are unique, stylish and perfectly geared towards offering the new owners every comfort and luxury that they could ever want and just to prove that to you, we are going to stun you with a facade shot of each one and then show you the interior layout plans. Believe us when we say that these really are inspiring designs that will definitely have you thinking a little more about what you want and need in your own bespoke home!

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3.) The dramatic transformation of a small balcony.

Any corner of the home can be transformed into a spectacular focal point with the right elements.

That is precisely what happened with the balcony of a small apartment, in a charming port city. After an incredible transformation, it ceased to be a grey area that was unused. Instead it has become a space where the potential has been completely maximized. In fact, it will leave you quite speechless. With a good dose of creativity, the right furniture and appropriate accessories as well as a bit of love and care by expert professionals, the result is a space full of contrasts, color, textures and unique design. Are you ready to witness a magical change? See it here!

4.) 5 shocking homes that you HAVE to see!

Novelty housing isn't for everyone, but with a host of talented architects out there right now, there is a lot of scope for experimenting with the standard format that so many homes conform to and we think we've found five of the most daring and unforgettable ones! With breathtaking locations, out of this world designs and yet a host of practicality too, these buildings prove that if you can dream it, you can create it! If you love being a little more adventurous and have a lot of time for the quirkier and more bizarre side of life, then come with us, as you'll love what we have to show you! 

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5.) 12 Bedrooms for each zodiac sign.

homify will show you 12 amazing bedrooms that complement each sign of the zodiac. Taking into account the most marked characteristics and personality for each sign, we have the ideal bedrooms to match! 

The bedroom is the most personal space of our house. It is a refuge, where we rest and rejuvenate our energy. It also reflects our personality and essence. Of course, there are many variables with zodiac sign personalities and they don't just depend on the sun sign, but we thought we would put together an exciting range of bedrooms to reflect what we know about each sign. Tell us what you think and if the bedroom is accurate depiction of your taste based on your own zodiac sign.

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