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Let's be honest, deciding what pieces of furniture to buy, what color to paint your walls, or even how to organize your space can be a difficult thing. Before you give up and hire a professional interior decorator to sort your home out for you, take a look at these 26 images and see if they inspire you in any way. 

These living rooms come in all shapes, all sizes and all styles, but each has got that little something that makes it special. So have a scroll through and we bet you will find something that you will want to include in your own home immediately. 

1. Use your television as an ever-changing piece of art and frame it with shelving.

2. Soft pink lighting will instantly turn a space more feminine.

3. Work a minimalist look with simple shapes like square foot stools and circular side tables.

Browse these side tables for plenty of other options. 

4. Floor to ceiling shelving looks great when everything is kept white and crisp.

5. Tie in your home entertainment system with dark cabinetry and black furniture for a cohesive look.

6. Patterned surfaces and tiling in unusual places work wonders.

7. Wooden surfaces combined with white cupboards will always look sleek and modern.

8. Use accents of color to personalize an all-white home.

9. Traditional furniture and industrial details are a compelling combination.

10. Don't be afraid of using bold, contrasting colors like baby blue and ochre together.

11. Pieces of furniture can be artworks in their own right; get experimental.

12. Keep things looking fresh by installing shelves and pictures in unusual places.

13. Black and white is a striking combination, especially when used as floor tiling.

14. Symmetry and repetition make any interior design look strong.

15. Mix styles and have glass and wooden cabinets next to each other.

16. A simple interior can be enlivened when done in monochrome.

17. Mint green, white and wood keep this room peaceful and calming.

18. Large blocks of neutrals make any interior look ultra-modern and clean.

19. Copper and yellow details elevate an otherwise normal decor.

20. Off-white, cream and pastel colors help stop a white room becoming too one-dimensional.

21. Otherwise try having plants around the room to break up the color.

22. Use the same color from a feature wall throughout the house for a continuous theme.

23. Subtle tiling used on a few walls can be the perfect finishing touch.

24. Whether you are a hoarder or not, plenty of shelving is always a good addition to a home.

25. Consider using cushions in your lounge for a relaxed, bohemian feel.

26. Decorative wallpaper is a fantastic way to add more color and to break up a room.

For some more ideas on how to decorate or embellish your walls, see these 15 unique, modern surfaces

Are you inspired by any of these images? Let us know which one below. 

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