Before & after: abandoned courtyard turns into a warm outdoor space

Contemporary Courtyard - Salford, Hannah Collins Garden Design Hannah Collins Garden Design
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All of us love a pleasing outdoor space that offers a decent sanctum for socializing or simply lazing outside the 4 walls, and soothing views as we look out of the window. But if the window is facing a rubbish dump, you will not be very eager to soak in the outside vista. Today’s homify story is an account of a forsaken & neglected courtyard that was resurrected from its disused format & given a striking transformation into a contemporary chic space.

Accomplished by Garden & Landscape Supplies professionals HANNAH COLLINS GARDEN DESIGN, this wonderful remodeling job has imparted a new lease of life & oodles of modern style to this courtyard to make it an engaging outdoor space for lounging & entertaining guests. Sounds interesting? Have a look!

Before: nothing more than a rubbish dump.

Prior to the facelift, the courtyard was a sorry deserted mess with old rags, construction debris, waste plastic, discarded household products & metal scraps piled into a dump.

Looking out of this window, what met the eye could not be called appealing.

After: arresting essence of modern coziness.

Doing away with the weeds and imparting a novel harmonious composition has lent a neat & fresh look to the courtyard. The rustic tones of the brick wall & the natural paving are complemented aptly by the modish warmth of hardwood flooring.  The hues & textures of the plants bordering the walls soften the accents of the entire space and fill it with welcoming vibes. The trees extend a wonderful solution to the privacy issues. The charmingly intimate courtyard space thus created bears a somewhat homespun suggestion in its tasteful contemporary elements.

The raw appeal of the brick wall, coupled with the mellow touch of wood, the green hint of freshness, simple dark grey powder wall and stone tiles with white pebble outlines rings in the pleasantly delightful rustic notes for fashionable modernity. Look at the concealed ornamental greens underneath the wooden bench.

Originality of modest elements makes for a beautiful composition- the simple design is practically marvelous!

Perennial ornamental plants along with several seasonal flowering plants lend a touch of fresh elegance to this newly done up courtyard. The added visual magnificence of the lighting installed creates a stunning view as you rejuvenate in the courtyard after dark.

When this is what awaits you as you peep out of your window, you are definitely going to be overjoyed. Truly an exquisite revamp job, isn’t it?

How would you transform this space? Share with us in comments!

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