Black is the new black

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Rosedale Residence KUBE architecture Modern Kitchen
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Prepare to give in to the dark side, as we reveal to you just how stylish and cool a black interior can be for your home! Interior designers have been using the bold and gothic shade for years, as a contrasting hue to brighter, more neutral shades, but all of a sudden, we are seeing black pop up in increasingly dramatic and eye-catching design schemes, so we need to learn more about it. From bathrooms through to external structures, absolutely every facet of your home can be given the dark treatment, so if you've been wanting to experiment with bold styling and have a penchant for the darker end of the spectrum, come with us now!

Boldness on a big scale!

large apartment in a modern style in Moscow Rubleva Design Modern Bathroom
Rubleva Design

large apartment in a modern style in Moscow

Rubleva Design

Admit it, you were tentative about the idea of black interiors weren't you? Would we be right to assume that this bathroom is already convincing you that it's not a bad idea though? Sparkling black granite has made this bathroom the ultimate luxury space and white white suite items and a natural wood door to break  up the scheme, it honestly doesn't look over the top! WOW!

Fabulous floor alternatives.

Nashville Avenue Residence, New Orleans studioWTA Eclectic style bedroom

Nashville Avenue Residence, New Orleans


Wooden floors are wonderful, regardless of how they are finished, but you can't deny that this black, glossy version looks utterly spectacular! The perfect way to contrast with the white walls and add in a lot of character, without cluttering the room with furniture, we think the floor here looks HUGE!

Kitchen creativity.

Black kitchens are fast becoming a popular installation in a lot of houses and it's not hard to see why! Whether you choose just a few bottom cabinets or go hell for leather and install a fully built-in black system, there is something so authoritative and stern about black units! With a white counter, they don't look too overbearing either!

Divide and conquer.

Rosedale Residence KUBE architecture Modern Kitchen
KUBE architecture

Rosedale Residence

KUBE architecture

Open-plan homes are magnificent in the way they use light and space to create a large and free-flowing living area, but they all need a little non-permanent division here and there and that's where black furniture can come in! The ideal way to add some bold contrast and striking design, black units will never look bad, even in an all-white home!

All black everything!

Daniel Apartment BLACKHAUS Minimalist style bathroom Stone Black

Daniel Apartment


Here's an idea for you! If black doesn't frighten you, why not go all out and pick a room to totally decorate in it? This bathroom looks phenomenal, from top to toe, with black towel rails, walls and even lighting strips. The patterned floor really adds something too! Could you bathe here comfortably?

Leave no space untouched!

Black is so versatile that it can even be used outside the home, as structural elements for extensions and boy, what an impact it has on a facade! Adding in some beautiful style and contrast to an otherwise plain frontage, black metal frameworks look so modern and cool!

For more a little more black inspiration, take a look at this article: 6 reasons why you should use black in your decor.

Are you tempted to come over to the dark side?

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