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The homify story we are going to narrate today has a mid-century residence at its core and eco-friendly design at the driving seat. The master craftsmen, Greenwich based JMKA Architects, have delivered excellence in this “Oxbow Lane” home that beautifully exemplifies the context-based architectural philosophy of the architect house- the idea of architecture being rooted in its place, with natural environment & surrounding landscape occupying the focal point in the designs. Believing in &  following this concept sincerely, the architects from JMKA have created structures that optimally respond to each one of their singular natural contexts.

Located on a hilltop in Woodbridge, Connecticut, this 4000 square feet rural home initially began as an existing modular residency from the 1960s, reworked by the architect house putting ecology at the fore. The house bore low ceilings, poor insulation, broken & obscure window seals and no real connection with the outdoors that gave a feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world. 

The JMKA professionals cleared away everything barring the foundation since the property contained some wetlands, but refrained from increasing the footprint apart from adding a third bay for the garage.  Rather, they extended the main floor with cantilevers into the trees, that gave the impression of a tree house. The new layout is defined by visually appealing architectural design bearing features which connect the dwelling to the enveloping landscape outside. 

A number of eco-friendly building practices & materials, that highlight the significance of the natural environment, have been employed tastefully to create an alluring and truly sustainable “green” house. Take a look!

Winsome face of sustainable elegance.

The town center, situated nearby, is rooted in history and the hilly, woodsy countryside boasts of centuries of ecological as well as cultural richness. Owing to the significance of its location, this home has been given a facelift with due consideration & appreciation of the surrounding environment. Look at the wintery wonder! Overlooking a fast-moving stream in the countryside, this home has wood adorning its exterior face. The exterior materials have been smartly chosen to be maintenance-free. Shingles created out of reclaimed zinc, rain shield made of white cedar and many such elements characterize this dwelling’s energy efficient format.

Effective Expansion—modernity in the lap of nature.

The expansion of the main floor with the cantilevered design leads to a feeling  of elevation comparable to peeking out from a tree-house. Newly installed floor-to-ceiling windows are also prominent in the freshly done up modern home- a thoughtful addition to connect every room of the abode with the outside world surrounding it. This image particularly demonstrates the meticulously considered orientation of the home upon the slope, with the new floor expansion making the most of the picturesque hillside views.

Smart ascent.

These views depict the home’s expansion by way of elevation of the main floor in all the directions- the JMKA team has quite efficiently raised the floor area of the house to 4,000 square feet, while having minimum impact on the site topography, through the cantilevered platform design.

Outer charm bears a touch of purity.

This appealing exterior view of the master bedroom provides an insight into the role of the materials employed- the materials used to create the outer aspect offer an easy & effortless natural appearance that maintains a low profile by blending beautifully into the lush natural context. Moreover, their eco-friendly details exemplified by features like the reclaimed metal shingle roof, the renewable & non toxic white cedar exterior rain shield, etc. also help preserve the natural essence of the location. The walls possess closed-cell insulation and the lighting in the interior spaces is taken care of using LED, contributing to the sustainable character of the house.

Warm invite with a heart-warming vista.

This modern living room bears an open floor plan with plenty of natural light pouring in. The fireplace design presents you with the best of both worlds- a classic & pleasant interior ambiance framed by spectacular views of the forest through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Surrounded by transparent glass, this fireplace boasts of a beautiful balance between interior & exterior worlds. The white oak board floors & the woody accents of the ceiling complement the subtle sophistication of the white & gray hues.

Floored by luminous generosity.

New open floor plan bathes the interior with natural light through the lavish array of windows lining the home. Large doorways open up to a graceful cathedral ceiling in the main room, allowing for ample light and fresh air to circulate between rooms without any hindrance. The homogeneous white oak board flooring throughout the reworked main floor imparts a cohesive & open nature to the space.

Relaxation in natural style.

The cantilevered bedroom bears this home’s signature floor-to-ceiling windows that quite literally connect this room with nature. A palliative, cozy stance indeed!

How does your homey pad efficiently communicate with nature?

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