18 gorgeous gardens and patios without grass

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Traditional gardens and lawns with lush green grass covers look undoubtedly fresh and beautiful, but they require regular maintenance, proper sun exposure and adequate watering. Grass sometimes serves as the breeding ground for pests and mosquitoes as well. Hence, more and more homeowners are opting for gardens or patios with floors made of wood, stone or terracotta tiles. Such gardens are easy to maintain but look ravishing! And here we bring you 18 stunning garden and patio designs which combine wood, stone and tiles tastefully and uniquely. If flowers or shrubs appear, you will find that they appear in specific corners or are contained in pots. This makes maintaining these gardens a dream!

1. Creativity in stone.

Stones in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes have been combined to make this garden unique and creative. You can use options like boulder, marble, river stones or common grey stones to get this effect.

2. Floating wooden floor with stones.

The spacious wooden deck shown here is surrounded by grey stones in various colors and sizes to create the perfect setting for beautiful plants. Credit goes to the landscape designers at Deck-Linea.

3. A terrace becomes a luxurious wooden patio.

Rich wooden slats cover the entire terrace and were also used to create stylish seating platforms for this stunning patio.

4. Tiles surrounded by stones.

Whitish grey stone tiles were surrounded by white stones to make this patio floor unique. The overall look is rustic and the black rattan furniture offers ample contrast.

5. Wood and stone patio with sandy center for kids.

Stone, rustic paving tiles and wooden elements combine to make this patio a joyful retreat for the kids. The small but brilliant blue pool in the middle of the sand and the lush green trees add color here.

6. Rustic and textured tiles.

Patio floors created with rustic and textured tiles like the ones shown here will not just look elegant, but it will also prevent accidents.

7. Artificial stone tiles.

To achieve a colonial style look for your garden, you can also choose imitation stone tiles or tiles with stone finish. They will look great without you having to spend a fortune on natural stones.

8. White, gray and geometric.

Gray cement and snow white stones were artfully combined to create this stunning and innovative garden. The seating is unusual and very modern as well.

9. Combine different elements.

Try covering a part of your garden or patio with wood, and use tiles for the rest of the space.

10. Stone and perennials for urban gardens.

If your garden doesn’t receive much sunlight, cover the floor entirely with stones and grow perennials along the boundary walls. It will look stunning!

11. Limitless with stones.

Paths created with dark grey stones and light wood take this garden to all new style heights. Contrasting white stones along the edges add a lot of charm as well.

12. Large and earthy tiles.

Large and simple tiles in soothing earthy tones are highly preferred for modern gardens. Choose textured ones and pair with elegant wooden furniture for an exotic appearance.

13. Pave way for nature.

Don’t cut down tall trees in order to have a fully modern garden. Pave the floor with wood or stone by leaving some space around the trees.

14. Growing shrubs on stone.

By growing lush green shrubs on large stones can lend an unusual and magical look to your garden, especially if it has a stone floor.

15. Paths made of tiles.

Planning a stone floor for your garden? Line up some irregular tiles to create stylish and convenient pathways.

16. Magical lighting.

Introduce stylish and practical lights in your garden to enhance the beauty of stone and wooden elements and create a magical atmosphere.

17. Replace grass with lush plants.

The lack of grass doesn’t have to make your garden cold or unfriendly. Stone planters lined with shrubs, large potted plants and vertical green walls can add a lot of freshness and life to the space.

18. Warm wooden floor for small patios.

Interior courtyards or small patios work best when lined with wood. It looks beautiful, cozy and is affordable as well.

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