Simple and practical flat suitable for young couples

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Интерьерная фотосъемка квартиры, Platon Makedonsky Platon Makedonsky Living room
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We believe that with every tour you take, you get new ideas and inspirations to make your home stand out stylishly. So to keep you inspired, we are in Minsk today, the capital of Belarus, an Eastern European country. This apartment has a modest size and is simply furnished, yet very practical and trendy. It was designed for a young couple who wished for a smartly-planned space to cater to all their daily needs. The living, dining, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are all neatly distributed in this home, enabling easy communication and comfort. So get ready to admire the simple elegance of this residence which has been beautifully captured by the photographers at Platon Makedonsky.

Charming entryway.

Well-distributed lighting, spaciousness, and soothing and warm colors make the entryway chic and inviting. The tall mirror and neat brown seat add to the elegance of the space.

The living room is right opposite the entrance, while the door to the right takes you to the bedroom. The passage leads to the kitchen and dining.

Elegant living room.

Spacious and well-lit by a large glass window, the living area pairs white walls with a wooden floor for a warm and cozy look. The sofa utilizes the corner well, while sleek tables and striped curtains complete the look here.

Smart distribution of light.

Inviting bedroom.

Neatly and minimally furnished, the bedroom looks simple yet sophisticated. Light-hued walls, sleek and trendy furniture and a compact glossy closet make this a relaxing and functional space.

A large window lights up the bedroom naturally.

Stylish kitchen and dining.

The dining and kitchen have been smartly integrated to save space in this apartment. Lavish use of white and a large window contribute to the spacious and bright ambiance, while modern appliances add to the convenience.

White and violet elegant dining arrangement.

Trendy bathroom.

Large ceramic tiles resembling marble clad the walls of this bathroom for a fashionable and welcoming look. The designs here are simple but very trendy, while stylish fixtures and a unique sink add to the charm.

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