Low-energy and an eco-friendly home (with a splash of elegance)

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Elegance is often found in simplicity, or so said one of the more obscure Renaissance artists, unknowingly describing this modern low-energy home in Aberdeen, Scotland. Built to withstand the torrid conditions of the dreary north, this home arrays itself as a modern liberator from the elements, adding a touch of finesse to the mesmerizing Scottish highlands. 

A single story home with an eloquent design, absorbing a wealth of light each day and converting it into power for the home. Created with passive house principles in mind, owners will have no problem with extreme temperatures as the house self-regulates to stay at a most satisfying level for all. 

Energizing exterior.

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Schoolmasters eco house

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We begin this insight with a look at the humble single-story exterior, sporting 5.5 KW solar panels which mesh comfortably with the wrought-iron peaked roof and frame of the same material. Ensconced in the frame is a seductive wood panel finish to add the pastoral to an otherwise post-modern ideology. Glass sliding doors provide the face of the building with an invitational appeal. 

Two white-walled rooms attach themselves at either end, to offset an entirely wood and metal finish, rooting the exterior in past, present and future. 

The lightly graveled driveway gives into a tiled approach to the home, in the reassuring gray tones which set the frame.

A few tenderly places plants complete the gentle solidity of the exterior.

Interior space.

The open-plan interior lends the home a gracious sense of space, emitting a feel of simplistic connection throughout. Ideal for the modern home-owner, the plan allows for easy mobility throughout the home, while light filters in unobtrusively from the large windows, sliding doors and skylights. 

Warmth and comfort.

This comfortable alcove is perfect for when you need to enjoy your peace and quiet. Replete with a pellet stove and modern furniture, the room is bathed in light from the exquisitely placed wall-length windows and skylights, suffusing the scene in serenity. 

A great nook for reading, a glass of wine or even some after-hours work on the laptop. 

Living room.

As befits the open plan of the home, the living room is an area inviting social encounters and discourse, suitably nestled between the kitchen and dining room. 

In keeping with the color scheme, the simple gray furniture lends a certain brash feeling of order and stability, while the colorful flowers and rug hint at a more devilish charm


The kitchen is set up to make any meal preparation an absolute pleasure. A small window fronts the sink, allowing more of the natural light to seep in to what some call the most important room in the house. The counter top, arraying in a classic L-shape, provides plenty of space for all sorts of culinary activities. 

The oven and microwave are both in place to maximize the convenience of moving around hot platters. In addition, they both adhere to the theme of silver on white, and have been designed to minimize any clunky projections, and fit into the refrigerator ensemble effortlessly. 

To the left there is a stove top, successfully disguised into the counter, again to minimize any sense of disorder or chaos. Opposite are two bar stools, which means friends and family can join in the fun in the kitchen at all times. 

The arrangement and scheme of the cupboards is done with a simple grace which make this kitchen look as though it belongs in the home of a football star, rather than in an environmentally friendly home in Aberdeen.

Dining room.

The dining room is a regal extension of the kitchen, making meal times the perfect combination of 'easy-to-serve' and 'bring-the-whole-family'. The stainless steel office-style chairs make this room an option for business-related work too, easily turned into a pseudo-conference table, smart enough to host any clientele. 

The influx of ambient light into the home makes this room especially glow, and you can be sure that any meal will be vibrant with life and laughter.


Another example of sheer simplicity working in tandem with raw majesty, the bathroom offers a soothing appeal with its smoky wooden tones and sophisticated style, all of which works towards the very nature of the bathroom itself: clean and tidy. 

Do not overlook the convenience of the placements either, with a beautiful shelf ready to host an arsenal of toiletries, magazines or utensils. In addition, the double-door mirror lends some privacy to the owners more subtle items. 

The bedroom.

Even from the outside, it is easy to see that the bedroom receives a full bouquet of light and nature each day. On top of that, the sliding doors make accessing all parts of the house an effortless matter.

The backyard.

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Schoolmasters rear deck

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The calm demeanor of the home is given a beautiful finish here, with a glass awning to keep the rain at bay, and a set of short stairs to avoid tracking mud into the home. 

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