20 ideas to make your TV area look spectacular

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We know that having a television isn't the best in terms of living room design, but if you do have one, you want to make the surrounding area as stylish, comfortable and beautiful as possible, so we are here to help with that today! Interior designers are adept at making TV areas look and feel amazing, so we've taken note of some of the ways that they incorporate technology into home design and are going to let you in on all their secrets today! If you've been planning a living room revamp, don't commit to anything until you've seen these fantastic projects!

1. Use a sloping ceiling to your advantage.

A sloping ceiling can really help to divert attention towards the TV, so try to place your set underneath the lowest part.

2. Mount it on a separate wall.

Make more of your television by allocating it a totally separate wall and use a stylish accent material to give the space more oomph.

3. Keep things simple.

If you want all  eyes to be on your TV, don't crowd the space with too many wall accessories. A plain wall is the perfect backdrop.

4. Try something funky!

Wow! This artistic mounting technique certainly makes sure that the TV is the star of the show!

5. Make the space cozy.

You want to enjoy your time in front of the TV, so try to create a cozy viewing nook, with sumptuous sofas and soft lighting.

6. Use the TV as a contrast.

Your television can be a fantastic way to add some contrast to an all-white living room, so make the most of it!

7. Go a little eclectic.

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London HollandGreen Living room

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London


What a fun space! A super modern TV looks amazing here, with antique and vintage furniture pieces dotted around nearby.

8. Enjoy a viewing with a view.

Even when the television is switched off, you can enjoy fantastic viewing potential, if you place it in front of a window! You'll minimize glare too!

9. Go all out with your feature wall.

As your attention will be on the television, it makes sense to create a feature wall behind it! Try to source some unusual materials to really make it pop.

10. Minimalist isn't the same as boring!

A minimalist set-up won't look at all boring, if you stick to classic furniture pieces and a modest TV.

11. Stone walls add warmth.

A stone wall makes a perfect TV mounting spot, as the darker background will make the screen easier to look at!

12. Tie the decor together.

If you don't want the TV to be the main focal point in a room, add in lots of accessories, that way, it will just be a nice bonus!

13. Choose your wall colors well.

Don't forget that when you're looking at your TV, your eyes will naturally drink in the wall behind it, so be sure to choose a wall color that you love.

14. Make the TV the focus.

In a luxury living room, it can be hard to make your TV stand out, but if you invest in a large and modern screen, it will garner a lot of positive attention!

15. Heat things up with a fireplace.

Why not create a visually stimulating TV wall, by adding a statement fireplace, underneath your screen? You won't know what to focus on!

16. Keep your TV proportional to the room.

You don't want to undo all your hard work in terms of living room design, so choose a TV that is proportional to the space, or it could drown out all your finishing touches.

17. Think about movable furniture.

Having a sensible layout in your living room is key, but for family film nights, movable furniture is key to letting everybody enjoy the feature!

18. If you dare, go bold!

Wow! In order to make a night in front of the television a little more enticing and exciting, bold living room design choices are key! This cohesive, yet dramatic, space is just so phenomenal!

19. Do away with TV stands.

The days of television stands are well and truly numbered, so if you want to give your TV a little extra style, take the time to mount it up on the wall.

20. Create a cinema feel.

Choose long, cinema-style sofas and your TV will be something you can't wait to look at! If you want to really capture a movie theater aesthetic, opt for a panoramic screen too!

For more living room ideas, take a look at this article: 17 spectacular living rooms.

Which of these ideas would make your TV area a little more special?

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