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We've seen some amazing homes here at homify, but today's really takes the cake in terms of being filled with amazing accessories and eye-catching features, which really highlight the talent of the interior designer that curated the overall look! The result is a homely, inviting space that looks so perfectly geared towards easy enjoyment and fantastic socializing that we felt we had no option but to show you it, in case you are thinking about changing up the look and feel of your home. We know you're going to be impressed and inspired by what has been achieved here, so let's take a look around!

A living room to die for.

Just drink in what a luxurious and welcoming space this living room is! Natural elements everywhere really set the tone for an organic home and we can already see that there are a lot of trinkets and additions contributing to the gorgeous aesthetic.

Terrace adornments.

A simple yet effective way to add pizazz to a terrace, the wall plaques and plants here look great!

Comfortable seating.

Everywhere you turn n this home you find more natural wood elements and this bench is so sweet!

Vintage memorabilia.

Nothing works quite as well, with lashings of natural wood, as vintage pieces dotted around. This clock is beautiful.

Simple and natural.

From the living room, we expected nothing less than a gorgeous bathroom and we aren't disappointed! the natural stone walls and creamy tones just look so calming.

Relaxation on tap.

Isn't this twin bedroom an absolute treat? Pared back and unfussy, it really contrasts with the rest of the house to create a zen sleeping area.

Every surface is decorated.

Even simple coffee tables haven't been left to fend for themselves here, as this delightful and natural centerpiece shows!

Lighting the way.

Statement light fixtures will always be a great way to add in some unique style to a home and this wooden chandelier is just the ticket.

Decorative delights.

Simple touches, such as pretty fossils, really liven up a bathroom vanity unit.

Organic flavor.

Just look at the cut stone sink here! Talk about rustic charm and a fabulous connection to the natural world!

Perfect materials medley.

Cotton, natural wood, wicker and stone are all combining wonderfully well in this space, which has the added benefit of high ceilings and incredible lighting! It's hard to focus on just one element!

Ideal for socializing.

Given that this home looks to be in a gorgeous location, it makes so much sense to have a party terrace! The thatched roof adds a real cabana vibe and the bar has us green with envy!

Fascinating furniture!

We always love to see one off pieces of furniture and in this home, they look so right! This cabinet really does add some heritage charm.

Carved beauty.

With so much natural wood in this property, naturally there was always going to be some carved artisan items! They look so unusual and exotic!

Blended styles.

This home is making such light work of being a blend of a number of aesthetics. Rustic meets traditional and here, even industrial vibes creep in, with a funky clock looking so natural on a stone wall.

Holiday souvenirs.

With so many eclectic items in place already, some fun holiday souvenirs look just right! 

Eye-catching displays.

What a great way to use large shells! They really are ideal succulent planters!

Peace and quiet.

Even though there is a lot going on here, in terms of funky furniture and cool accessories, this television area looks so sweet and quiet! Perfect for a night in!

Amazing views.

Any home that has such a tangible connection to nature through the use of natural materials is sure to enjoy a great view and this one really does! The enormous window here really allows for a seamless connection to the outside world.

Pull up a chair.

The sheer amount of seating options throughout this property is incredible. We can't help but think that the parties here must be the toast of the town!

Amazing proportions.

Thought this space is long, it isn't hugely wide. It just goes to show what the right layout can do for perceived proportions!

Constant reminders.

You can't go anywhere in this home without seeing a little reminder of how important art, nature and great style are! The tiny cube planter here is lovely!

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