How to: incorporate a wine cellar into your home

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Wine cellars—a sign of distinction, as well as a classy and sophisticated way to store ones cherished bottles of liquor. Often seen as an opulent and luxurious home fixture, the wine cellar evokes refinement, elegance, sophistication and are a highly civilised way to store one’s intoxicants. These days the seemingly culturally discriminating wine cellar is a mainstay in many homes and domestic spaces. 

Today on homify we are looking at ingenious and original ways to incorporate this tasteful and practical household component. Take a peek at some brilliant examples below, and get some inspiration to begin planning your new or improved wine cellar today.

The surprise statement

Incorporating a wine cellar is often a daunting task—wine cellars can require a fair amount of space, a regulated temperature, and this can determine where they are able to be placed within the domestic space. This cellar from Spiral Cellars changes all of those preconceptions, and offers and ingenious way to install a cellar into almost any area within your home. Built into the floor beneath, the cellar has a clear glass roof, and opens up to a spiral entry, where all of your prized bottles can be displayed with style. Not only is this a wonderful way to store an expensive and precious commodity, but it also looks wonderful, and infuses a sense of glamour and opulence into the space.

A spacious and bold discovery

Why not make a statement with your wine? This beautifully minimal yet vivid design brings a little pizzazz into the space, and instils an element of class, and contemporary luxury. In this case the cellar is at ground level and leads from the kitchen straight into an illuminated red wall which houses all of your precious bottles. If you want to emulate this design in your own abode, think bright colours, and hard finishes such as a polished concrete floor. In addition to that, the crisp white colour scheme brings a sense of modernity and elegance into the room.

Palatial storage

Now this truly is an envy-worthy space—replete with timber ceilings and floors, the room is contemporary, rustic, and ultra-impressive. If you have the space within your abode, why not dedicate a large clear glass wall to displaying your prized possessions proudly? Reminiscent of a movie star’s mansion, this space oozes appeal, and screams opulence. The concrete staircase leads directly down towards the cellar wall and creates a beautiful vista upon entering the space. Now, we may not all be able to mimic this stylish and spacious design, but you can take some hints and tips to create your own impressive space. Think bespoke wine shelving, covered in sleek glass, light raw beechwood flooring, and matching ceiling, for a space that sparkles with grandeur.

Handy, easy, and hidden

Perhaps you have a small space and are unsure how to create the entry to your new wine cellar? This wonderful design shows an easy and uncomplicated way to have a spacious and stylish cellar in your own dwelling. With gas lift hinges for easy opening, this cellar can be hidden away to make the most of the room, and ensure the space is not taken up by a large and bulky staircase.

The rustic tasting room

Who doesn’t dream of a cellar such as this in their home? The epitome of class and sophistication, this cellar oozes rustic and country style appeal. The beauty of this space is its simplicity—the wine speaks for itself, modestly laid in shelves and stacked ready for drinking or storage. For this space, choose a subtle yet bold colour scheme, dusty hues such as the blue-grey staircase, and warmer tones through the different timber shades.

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