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Holford Road 1 KSR Architects Modern Pool
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It’s a dream come true for most people, their very own indoor swimming pool. A decadent and outrageous luxury for many folks, the indoor pool is fast becoming a popular way to enjoy the year-round health benefits of swimming. Let’s face it, taking a dip outside during even the warmer spring months can be an exercise in madness, and the best way to beat this is with a stylishly designed indoor pool. From the first known ‘great bath’ built 5000 years ago in the Pakistani city of Mohenjo-daro, to the modern pools we know today, swimming has and always will be a popular pursuit for numerous individuals. Due to their often imposing size requirement, indoor swimming pools are generally relegated to the confines of large and luxurious apartment buildings, opulent homes, and grand stately manors. However, indoor pools can also be a wonderful addition to compact homes and small spaces when planned and designed correctly.

If you would like to see some of the best interior swimming spaces from homify, take a look at the following examples and begin your indoor pool project today. If you aren’t in the market for a new pool, perhaps have a browse and let yourself get green-eyed over the fabulously luxurious homes below.

Large and luxurious

Indoor pools are truly the epitome of a luxury home, having you own space to swim, exercise, relax and refresh is something extremely indulgent, and very exciting. This example is no exception—huge open space with plenty of room, to not only swim laps and exercise, but also bathe, relax and wind down. Sleek lines and glossy finishes ensure this pool room is contemporary and timeless. In addition to the luxurious spaciousness of the pool, the lighting is ambient and dimmed, which creates a space oozing with calming serenity.

The at-home spa

Dormy House Hotel Pool motive8 Pool

Dormy House Hotel Pool


Imagine having your own private spa, a secret space where you can relax, retreat and escape the hectic world outside. Dormy House, a privately-owned 17th century farmhouse hotel has a beautifully designed and inspirational indoor swimming space. If you are thinking of incorporating an indoor pool into your own abode, take a few handy pointers from this well designed space and ensure your new renovation is stylish, opulent and ultra-relaxing.

Tranquil and serene

Reminiscent of a secret cavernous hideaway, this glorious indoor lap pool is bursting with mystery and intrigue. Sleek in design and ambience, the architecture firm Keith Williams Architects have created a space in which the water speaks for itself, and is reflected by a dark, moody and yet surprisingly open ceiling. This ceiling is a stunning addition to the space, and although it is not light in hue, has cavernous inlets which allow it to feel airy and spacious.

The statement swimming pool

Indoor pool with waterfall features, sauna and stainless steel spa Tanby Pools Modern Pool
Tanby Pools

Indoor pool with waterfall features, sauna and stainless steel spa

Tanby Pools

This is the indoor swimming pool that you have when you want to make a statement! Absolutely enthralling spiral staircase leading from the mezzanine level to the pool below, with the added benefit of a fountain and rain-shower. You can imagine diving into this spacious swimming pool every morning, looking out of the water-level windows and cleansing your soul before the day ahead. This pool basically has everything you could want in an opulent and grand bathing space, with a few added elements to make it that little bit special.

Radical rooftop

Holford Road 1 KSR Architects Modern Pool
KSR Architects

Holford Road 1

KSR Architects

Is there anything more luxurious than a swimming pool on your very own private rooftop deck? This absolutely stunning indoor space encompasses a lap pool, spa and treadmill that are all perfectly lit by a subtle wall of illumination within the garden space. This space is brimming with style and sophistication—the enclosure is contemporary, and yet blends in effortlessly with the surrounding architecture and creates a gorgeous atmosphere and tranquil ambience.

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