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Top 5: best ways to boost your home inside and out

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We know your love of home improvement–we love it just as much as you do, and hey maybe even a little more. But who has time nowadays to browse through endless photos and articles to come up with the perfect home solution? Not a lot of us, that's for sure. Good thing for you is that we love organisation just as much as we love imparting home improvement knowledge to you, which is why we like to gather all of our best ideas in one place.

It's time for another round-up of your favourite articles for the week! We've been paying attention to the most viewed pieces, and this week it's all about enhancing your home inside and out.

This is your one-stop shop for the best ways to add a little extra flavour that your neighbours are missing. We'll start with the exterior and go straight through to highlight some of the most important, yet often overlooked elements that you can take your home to the next design level!

1. A single-family home where every room is so beautiful!

To start off the list, we have a gorgeous single-family home that shows us how to boost up curb appeal with clean lines and simple design. This is a home for the ages–timeless in it's colour palette and structure. Warm wooden details are enhanced through the pristine white façade, and features like the front garden and wrought iron fence serve as accessory pieces and security features. Who would have thought that such simplicity could be so appealing?

But let's not stop at the front door–take the full tour and check out each beautiful room this home has to offer!

2. 10 entrance doors that will make your neighbours envious

Now that we've talked about the exterior, let's focus on the entrance. Doors do much more than grant access to your interior–they say something about you and what lies behind the hinges. So doesn't it make sense that this should also be a decor focus? Nothing welcomes your guests quite like an extravagant front door, and this shimmering gold one sure takes the cake as far as striking impact is concerned. 

If this golden arch doesn't exactly fit your interior, don't fret–it's not the easiest style to pull off. But we know once you revisit these impressive door designs, you won't be able to fight off your neighbours' questions about how you were able to do it!

3. 14 sliding doors that maximise your space

And since we're on the topic of doors, let's talk about the ones that don't grant access, but separate spaces, and we're talking about none other than the famous sliding door! Sliding doors are a treat for everyone with their fun design and ease of placement. You can add a sliding door to almost any area in the home and gain extra privacy, maximise your rooms, and add decorative elements that you never thought possible before. 

Just take a look at this sliding glass door. Translucent sheets with gold flowing embossment amplify the Mediterranean and Asian-style interiors in a way that well surpasses what's fashionable and crosses the border to what's new and hot.

Less ornate examples can be found by revisiting the original piece, and here there's something for every flavour.

4. 10 modern kitchen cabinet ideas

When you want to make a statement, you can do so in the most interesting ways. Who would have ever thought that something as simple as cabinetry could amp up your interior? With a smooth, clean, and handle-free design, these cabinets are ready to complement any design feature you're willing to employ, like funky purple LED lights for instance. But it's not just lights that go with this streamlined look–you can achieve a great modern minimalist interior by jazzing it up with a few paintings.

And since the streamlined look isn't for everyone, we have a whole other bag of modern kitchen cabinets that even the pickiest among us will enjoy.

5. False ceilings: 10 amazing designs!

And finally, where else do we turn when these areas have already been boosted? Well, there's nowhere to go but up! It's a rarity nowadays to find people bold enough to use their ceiling as part of their interior design, but when it does happen, the results are stunning. This ceiling is one of our favourites–it's a false ceiling made from plaster panels that makes way for a multitude of innovative designs. These panels pave the way for those going upstairs, and the integrated lights are essential next to the all-black accent wall. You'd be hard-pressed to not call that innovative. But don't take our word for it–compare it to some other false ceilings and give your interior the added pizzazz you've been longing for!

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