21 impressive bedrooms

Dom ze stylizacją, Perfect Space Perfect Space Classic style bedroom
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Bedroom is synonymous with absolute repose. It is our private interior sanctum replete with snug suggestions of total comfort and luxury. A cozy intimate bedroom, that lets you unwind with lavish accents of total relaxation, is something that all of us desire after tedious work hours.

These days with changing trends, bedrooms no longer occupy just an exclusive formal space. Contemporary designs beautifully merge functionalities to offer novel bedroom spaces with more than one practical purpose, for example- bedroom-home office, study-bedroom, etc. Such smart designs also allow for innovative furnishing & decor options alongside making up for the space crunch with multifunctional rooms, particularly in homes with lower dimensions. Hence, architect houses & interior decorators employ ingenuity in concepts to ensure that the bedroom being created is not merely a space to sleep in but a modish multifaceted room.

Today homify brings to you 21 magnificent bedrooms that celebrate this very important living space in different practical formats- combined as well as single. Have a look!

1. Homespun freshness in trendy ritz.

Elegant touch of bricks & wood rings in rustic pizzazz in this modern bedroom.

2. Humble details, industrial charm.

This one nails it for the book lover in you!

3. Rejuvenation in classic finesse.

Did you see the snazzy lamp ?

4. Checkered for chic grace.

The graceful checkered wall along with the matching rug & cushions introduce sober charm in this classic bedroom.

5. Plush clarity.

The welcome vibes of white add oodles of poise; don’t miss the jazzy wall behind the headboard and the snazzy sliding doors of the wardrobe.

6. Dapper in dark.

Dark colors, if used smartly, aesthetically enrich the room, and this bedroom is a wonderful example. Don’t you agree?

7. Luminous touch of modernity.

Here, the built-in wardrobe doubles up as the mirror- multifunctional in contemporary style indeed! Have you noticed the silvery wall?

8. Elegant optimization of space for versatility.

The bright bedroom-home office space sits pretty in this multi-purpose environment—well defined functions sans wastage of space & without walls. It is demarcated from the couch by a partial wooden septum, so that the natural light bathing the room sufficiently reaches the lounging area as well. The blind above the septum can be drawn to limit the illumination to/ view from the lounge when required. Had there been a full-fledged wall, the natural light would have been blocked.

9. Asian touch of practicality.

Study unit design homify Study/office

Study unit design


This modest bedroom is equipped with engaging utility for work, rest and ample storage.

10. How about a cozy cocoon?

Stunning details of this privy little bedroom wow with their posh industrial essence.

11. Magical Minimalism.

This white splendor is a tranquil retreat & a visual treat in one.

12. Make room for panache!

Neutral colors, wood & glass ring in plenty of fashionable flair in this bedroom.

13. Multi-faceted for the little champ.

This kids’ room strikingly combines the functions of a study, lounge, library and bedroom together in the blue, grey and white hued space with parquet flooring.

14. Colonial charm.

Built-in open bookshelf, open storage racks, cushy window-side seater, candelabra chandelier, ornate mirror frame & the quaint fireplace are some of the alluring details of this appealing colonial bedroom.

15. Bright shades of utility.

Vibrant hues and modern design adorn this well lit multifunctional Scandinavian bedroom.

16. Cutesy & colorful.

Kid's Bedroom Clean Design Modern Bedroom
Clean Design

Kid's Bedroom

Clean Design

Just look at this adorable riot of colors!

17. Knowledge, nobility & repose.

This eclectic bedroom is a book lover’s manna from heaven.

18. Redefining smart practicality.

Main space homify Eclectic style bedroom

Main space


This bedroom oozes functionality with a variety of materials & elements conveying a bright blend of contemporary as well as rustic styles, creating a number of functional spaces within the same room- a design truly representing innovative thinking. 

19. Grandiose yet uncomplicated.

Bedroom interior Quirke McNamara Modern Bedroom Brown
Quirke McNamara

Bedroom interior

Quirke McNamara

Are you game for some regal relaxation?

20. Open to designer simplicity.

This minimalist bedroom is a beautiful part of the illuminated open plan layout housing the lounge, dining & home office areas in the same space.

21. Playfully delightful.

This nursery/ kids’ bedroom looks amazing with its varicolored elements & comfortable ambiance.

How stylishly versatile is your bedroom space? Share with us in comments!

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