How to make a small kitchen beautiful

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If you think that small can't be beautiful, we are about to show you how wrong you are, as small kitchens can be stunning, stylish and filled with handy storage, if you know how to decorate them properly! Kitchen planners, of course, wouldn't struggle to make a tiny room function perfectly, while looking incredible, but how can we do the same thing, often on a budget? We've found some truly gorgeous small kitchens that offer all the inspiration we need to tackle an upgrade, so come with us now and see if you feel just as confident!

1. Be bold with bright colors.

Don't fall into the trap of believing that a small kitchen has to be a neutral or plain one! A splash of beautiful, bright color can actually help to make a room look larger and injects a huge amount of style, without blowing the budget. Stick to bright walls and floors for the best impact for your buck!

2. Balance modern and industrial styles.

Creating a hybrid style is a great way to mix function and style in a small kitchen and we think that modern and industrial flavours are perfect together! You can keep all the necessary items industrial and pared back, but inject some modern funkiness in the form of wall decor.

3. Embrace traditionally rustic motifs.

Rustic kitchens are often really small, but they are also filled with natural wood, look fantastic and always seem to produce the best food! We like the busy storage look here, as the wooden doors add a sense of coziness rather than claustrophobia and the room as a whole makes us want to cook!

4. Add a little open-plan perfection.

If you really are battling with a tiny kitchen, would you consider knocking some walls out, to open it up into a larger, more open-plan space? If you remove walls that aren't load-bearing, you can do this yourself and then enjoy a lot more spaciousness! 

5. Hide it away when you don't need it.

Look at this utterly tiny kitchen! It's so cute and what blows us away is how well stocked it is! With plenty of storage, a cooker and everything you'd ever need, we wonder of we all really need a whole room now! Of course, this kitchen has an added bonus in the form of the bi-fold doors, which will simply hide the whole space away, when not in use. Now that's clever!

6. Make the most of basic shelves.

In a small kitchen, open wall space can be important if you want to make the room feel larger, so if that is the case, basic shelves will be your new best friend! Taking up far less room than standard cabinets, but still offering bags of storage, they look modern and cool and keep a smaller room feeling so much more open and uncluttered. The more, the better, we say!

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Which of these styles really intrigued and tempted you?

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