​Seven wonderful dividers: keep your entrance and living room separate

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In many modern homes, one may notice that the living room and entryway often merge. While this may not be an ideal situation, conditions like less space can trigger such a design move. The entrance should typically be kept separate from the living room as it accords privacy and also allows you to remove your outside gear like shoes, hats and coats before you actually step into the home. So, if you want to avoid bringing everyone right into the living room, you can create an entryway with these neat divider ideas. Come and have a look.

​Get yourself a wall unit.

This wall unit is one that stands between the door and the main hallway. Much like the above option, this piece too has a multi-functional aspect. You can use the shelves on the sides to store books and curios, while the main wall facing the living room can actually hold your television for a den-like feel

Install an open shelf.

This large open shelf fills in for a wall without creating clutter and blocking up the space. With this shelf, you not only get a neat display area, but you also bring in an open scheme, which divides yet keeps the space looking airy and large.

​Play with dimensions.

Give your space a quirky yet wholesome feel by defining it with varied dimensions. The column here is a thin wall, which is propped on a low platform. The beams above complement this fitting, which effectively cordons off the entryway, the staircase as well as the main living room, without creating a closed space.

Maintain an open library.

You do not necessarily need to bring in a wall to keep the entryway and the living room separate. You can do what the designers have done in this instance—create a wall with shelves and niches to double up as a library. Not only do you have a large section to divide the space completely, but you can also keep the expansive and sweeping scheme in place.

​Plasterboard to the rescue.

When in doubt, say it with plasterboard. That is the secret style trick that many designers make use of. You can install this easy-to-erect wall, which also gives you the flexibility to play with textures and molding so that you have a neat yet lightweight and stylish element to separate the two areas.

​A compact extension.

This kind of a compact extension emerges just a tad bit to give the right definition to the space and create a nook for the entrance so that the rest of the living room stands separate.

​Delicate balance with hanging shelves.

These hanging shelves with their varying lengths have been suspended stylishly on cables, and held together by the main column in the center. This gives the space a delicate yet well-divided look. Here are some ideas that might pique your interest - 10 gorgeous residences crafted with wood!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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