​10 shower stalls to choose over bulky tubs

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The bathtub may be a symbol of luxury and elegance in classic and modern bath spaces, yet the newly evolved shower stall is not one to be left behind. Come and check out how you can fix unique shower stalls and do away with bulky bathtubs in your compact urban home. These 10 shower stalls will leave you inspired.

​Luxurious den.

In this bathroom, the designers have created a living room-like vibe with layers of luxury, which can be seen in the shower stall as well. The bracket-less walls and the seamless sheets of glass adhere to the luxury quotient of this space.

Hint of the East.

The Orient has come alive with this neat shower stall, which brings in a rustic and grey stone flavor with its glass walls. The accompanying glass slats on the bureau and the textured tiles add to the tantalizing effect.

​Go geometric.

In this bathroom and shower stall, the designers have played with the different patterns. The linear beauty of lines as well as various shapes like the ovals that have been embossed on the textured tiles of this delicate looking shower stall with a vibrant yet earthy tiled pattern on one side enhances the richness of the space.

Mosaic brightness.

In this white bathroom, the designers have injected a dose of glorious, yet understated brightness and color with a shimmering mosaic wall of brown and white in the large shower stall.

​Make a bold statement.

Take a cue from this shower stall and layer it with shades of red to make a stunning visual statement in a white bathroom. The glass shower doors further amplify the effect of this fiery wall!

​Rustic beauty.

The designers have played with the rustic here by creating an exotic tiled wall of art within the shower stall under the raw beams. The stall itself is encased in walls that reach halfway up.

​Keeping the Shower in the center.

This bathroom keeps the shower as the show stopper with a grey tiled wall in the center of the minimalist luxurious scheme of things. Beige and black make a good combination with the grey wall bearing the shower heads.

​Earthy modern beauty.

Modern art seems to have descended over this bathroom with its asymmetrical niche that holds the quirky yet ultra-modern shower stall. The rest of the bathroom has a becoming palette of earthy hues.

​Industrial chic shower stall.

The barn-style table for the sink and the cogs on one side as well as the white brick-style tiling makes this shower stall an industrial chic one. The pattern on the floor of the shower stall adds a quirky dimension.

​Comfort in classic simplicity.

The designers have taken the classic beach side shower stall and given it monochrome stripes in the form of a curtain for a playful look, while the rest of the space bears sophisticated simplicity. For more inspiring ideas, take a look at  - 7 habits for a clean and organized house!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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