27 wardrobes easy to build that will make your dreams come true

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It is the ultimate dream of every home owner to have plenty of space to stow away one’s essentials. There are many designer solutions that go from neat to chic with practical aspects so that one may have the wardrobe of one’s dreams. At homify, we have very helpfully put together a collage of 27 wardrobes that will solve all your storage woes! Prepare to get inspired, big time.

​Closet plus bathroom.

The closet that is attached with the bathroom makes for an easy access and even easier dressing—just imagine the time you would save with this one.

Planned dimensions.

It would serve you well to plan the dimensions of your wardrobe in keeping with your belongings and the size of the available space, much like this one.

​Minimal and organized.

This closet has a minimal look accentuated by lighting while the orderliness is down to the well-organised storage spaces.

​In the attic.

This closet has been built in the attic-like space with made-to-measure cupboards, flanking an entire wall under the heavy beams.

​Nestled in the bedroom.

This closet has been discreetly cut into one side of the bedroom with a “barely there” presence, until the cream hued doors open.

​Corner closet.

Plasterboard walls have been used here to create a small nook for the closet.

​Sleek wooden cabin.

This small wooden cabin has been built in a narrow space for lots of storage.

​Melange of color and material.

Fruity hued yellow walls complement the light polished wooden fixtures in this wardrobe.

​Compact neutral hued closet.

A classic molded feature sits above the door frame of this contemporary wardrobe.

​Chic and neat.

Low shelves and plenty of wide stripes give this space a fashionable feel.

​Functionality at its best.

The closet has been fit into the attic with comfortable seating.

​Modern closet with frosted walls.

This modern white closet has frosted walls for a beatific effect.

​Stylish and meticulous.

Step up your style quotient with these drawers.

​Warehouse-style classic closet.

Checkerboard flooring gives a fresh look to this warehouse-style closet.

Simple open-shelved closet.

​Vintage-style glamorous wardrobe.

This closet serves as a vintage-style glamour room with its cloud-like look and solid doors.

​Low-cost and space saving closet.

Invest in an old school hanger holder and own a cost-effective storage corner

​Colorful and vibrant hued shelves.

Create an aura with some greenery and lighting with these vibrant hued shelves.

​Space management through a sliding-door closet.

A sliding door ushers you into this white wardrobe while a modern and urbane feel descends over your senses.

​Cozy and orderly.

This closet brings on a neat look with art work in one corner.

Compact walk-in closet.

Closet with dressing table and mirror.

Closet with storage and seating arrangements.

Sophisticated white closet with wooden shelves.

Aqua-touch to the closet.

Industrial chic closet with celebrity-style mirror.

Wardrobe with separator.

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