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5 American dream homes

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It's safe to say most of us have seen those giant, stately American style homes and dreamed of having one. You know the ones—the big, double story houses with covered terraces, white fences, healthy lawns, flawlessly painted weatherboards, shuttered windows, wooden floorboards, open kitchens. 

They are usually the home of our favorite sitcom family, or line the streets of the neighborhood we so often drive through. These are the homes most of us either want to have, or are on the way to having. But, if you are still in the market of building one, or simply curious as to how this style of house looks inside, take a look through these 5 properties, all built by general contractors THE WHITE HOUSE AMERICAN DREAM HOMES GMBH

The company title says it all—these houses are grandiose, they are boldconfident and luxurious. We think you will also be impressed.  

1. The GEORGE L.

With it's country style porch and symmetrical construction, this home is a charmer. Inside, the interior is warm, inviting and cozy. The rooms are generously sized, with enough space for a baby grand piano in the living room. Now that's classy! 

2. The JAMES NR.

With it's colonial style and contemporary furnishing, the JAMES NR. home is a smart blend of eras. Wooden floorboards and white walls keep it classic and looking crisp inside. 

Furniture (see: dining room table) is dark and made from polished wood. Together with white upholstery, striped cushions and tied on covers, these pieces add a sweet, old-world, country feel to the interior. 


In keeping with it's name, this home is quite the mansion. It's shape is solid and bulky, with palatial columns on either side of the front door, creating quite the impressive entrance. The colonial style windows and the french doors that sit on the lower level are the star of this home. Their symmetry and scope make them all the more impressive.  

Golden fittings (lights, door handles), mirror frames and details complete the deluxe feel of this grand property. 


Similar to the GEORGE L, the MARK ASTON has white painted weatherboards, a grey tiled roof, a covered porch and a stand-out garden. But that's where the similarities end. This cute home has dark window shutters, and old-fashioned lanterns on the front facade. 

Inside, the wall colors are a shade or two darker, with white as the contrast. Curtains in the living room are long and luxurious—as are the sofas. The kitchen sees the introduction of more modern elements with granite counter tops and industrial style lights. A home that truly is in a league of it's own!


Whether in summer, or in winter, this house is a stunner. It's the multiple bay windows, central chimney, corner porch and side garage that take this from an American Home to an American Dream Home. 

The interior is classic 'star-and-stripes' style: the large family-sized kitchen is filled with white cupboards and finished with a dark countertop and flooring. There is a breakfast bar, next to a deluxe family room with white textured weatherboards to complement the sofas. 

The list goes on. But you can easily see for yourself—this is another certified winner!

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