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Houses can be built with a range of materials and in a number of shapes and sizes. One person may prefer a luxurious residence made of concrete and glass while another may be inclined to live in a monochromatic minimalist house. But no matter which style you prefer, one material that fits all is wood! There are very few people who would not admire the warm rustic appeal of this lovely natural material. Let’s have a look at 10 beautiful examples of wooden houses in a variety of styles that will take your breath away!

​1. The charm of a log house.

Large logs impart a grand look to a house! Besides looking gorgeous, a log house can also be constructed easily. However, ensure that the logs are treated before use and that the floor is firm enough to bear the logs’ weight!

2. Using planks and beams.

Natural, unpainted wooden planks and pillars lend an elegant rustic charm to the house. Additionally, this kind of house is sturdy and provides insulation from heat and sound.

3. ​Creative designs.

Logs and wooden planks can be arranged in very creative and innovative designs for a beautiful effect. However, it is important to maintain them well, especially in harsh climates. Application of a mineral oil is a good way to protect wood.

4. ​A blend of rustic and contemporary.

A wooden house can be modern too! Look at this stunning contemporary residence composed of logs on the ground floor, while the upper floor is an ingenious structure comprising solid wood panels teamed with a glass wall!

5. ​Design possibilities.

Columns, moldings, roof cladding, a chimney and detailing – everything that is possible in a concrete house is also possible in a wooden house, making it a picture of sophistication!

6. ​Beautiful minimalism.

Vertical and horizontal panels of wood come together for a lovely minimalist effect! Large windows, metal railings and the recessed lights dotting the ceiling add a dollop of modernity.

7. ​The rural retreat.

The comfortable and quaint look of a country home is so refreshing! Black, brown and white makes a charming color palette against the surrounding greenery.

8. A modern look with landscaping.

A combination of materials and textures combined with a landscaped garden creates a spectacular contemporary abode! Note the aesthetic use of stone, wood and glass in this house near the sea.

9. ​Prefabricated beauty.

The various sections and parts of a prefabricated house are easily assembled at the location to make a lovely home.

​10. A solid affair.

Using solid wood is a great idea for an impressive, stately appearance. The sturdy and warm look of the walls is in perfect harmony with the large glass windows and soft yellow glow of the lights.

These 10 striking houses are an inspiration for all lovers of wood who are looking for ideas to craft a stylish residence! Here are few more inspiring ideas - 10 marvelous ideas for a kitchen island!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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