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The concept of an ideal home, though varying from person to person, universally carries certain attributes like plenty of space, natural light, snug privacy & ample outdoor spaces to name a few. In line with these is the lovely home we’re touring today at homify. Brilliantly exemplifying ingenuity in architectural design, Zurich-based Meier Architekten have designed this modern dwelling that conveys out-of-the-box thinking in every element- be it the simplistic facade or the stunning interiors. Blending tasteful style, refined aesthetics & comfy essence and making the most of the picturesque surroundings, this modern home packs a really neat homey punch. Have a dekko!

Modishly one with nature.

The master architects have wonderfully brought together sharply contrasting elements like lush green spots and modular man-made structures, like this cozy little covered retreat amidst the greens.

Enjoy a leisurely hour of absolute relaxation while you soak in the natural wholesomeness with a piping hot cuppa & your choicest reads, or simply catch your much deserved 40 winks. The tranquility of nature beckons you right in the lap of all contemporary luxuries.

Simply poised.

The 2-floor home bears a sober gray facade boasting of clean lines & narrow windows, and the frontage is seemingly simple. This dwelling is equipped with fabulous outdoor spaces & the rear side is no exception. The amazing clean-cut terrace dazzles in pleasing modernity and offers a warm & inviting space enveloped by greenery- perfect for outdoor dining and socializing.

This image also allows for a good look at this home’s prime design features: an abundance of transparent glass opening up nearly every interior space to splendid exterior vistas & oodles of natural light, and multiple outdoor spaces on each story- thriving on the magnificent location to the maximum possible.

Picturesque milieu for current coziness.

This image of the terrace deck offers a double dose of visual delight- the encompassing natural spectacle and the endearingly engaging interiors. 

Breathtaking panoramic hilltop views reveal how this comfy pad towers over the hills, neighboring homes and the nearby lake, with the mighty mountains staring back at you from the horizon. Such vistas surely enhance the sumptuousness of the meals you relish while sitting comfortably in the dining area of the sleek glass-framed living room overlooking the natural bonanza outside.

Prepossessing exclusivity.

This stunning entrance with dapper dark gray tones guards the interior from prying eyes, with nearly nothing in the way of street-facing windows. The smart design lavishes paramount importance to privacy while preserving the opulent accents.

Sophisticated humility.

The corridor shines with conceptual clarity & no-frills charm of the materials employed and colors selected.

A generous dollop of woody goodness, clear grace and jazzy lighting adorn this solid staircase.

A visually sound treat.

The sassy dining area sings in a roomy layout with a generous dose of glassy gloss to allow plenty of natural light and mind-blowing landscape views to flood in. This modern dining space is a dream come true for people who love to entertain guests over meals or parties. In addition to the longish dining table in dark wood, the dining area also boasts of long continuous window- side benches that are a great spot for cozy tea parties; they could double up as a fantastic refuge for some private time with spectacular views as well!

Noble generosity.

Modern  minimalism defines this striking white kitchen, continuing adjacent to the dining area, with plenty of concealed storage to create a neat and elegant space.

The winsome combo of rich dark wood & shining white delivers in this hearty kitchen, making it fantastically bright and enhancing the luminous ambiance provided by the expansive windows. The brown parquet flooring looks even more charming with the sunshine streaming indoors.

Natural aesthetics for trendy flamboyance.

Impressing with an open-plan design, this living room bears a delicate yet vibrant air. You have already seen the connected kitchen and dining spaces; continuing past the dining space on the other side, you arrive at the welcoming & deluxe lounging area. Facing a huge clear glass sliding door which leads to the wooden deck outside, this lounge redefines plush coziness. The sliding door entirely removes the barrier between indoor & outdoor space, resulting in a completely fluid environment throughout, as one room seamlessly moves into the next. Who needs a television set when you have a luxurious indoor refuge offering such superlative natural visuals?

The large black bookcase behind the snug lounge seemingly fills up an entire wall. The modish fireplace demarcating this lounge from the dining area offers really pleasing accents. The snazzy ample lighting creates a perfect spot here for curling up with a good read. Did you notice the golden glow of the wall lighting?

Sublime with all that jazz.

The classy design of the well lit study/ office is astonishing in its restrained details. Look at the lamp overhead! This room also bears a sliding door. The eye-catching rug breaks the general theme of simple finessed styles & muted tones in this house with its lively geometric black & white format. 

On one hand, this striking rug brings just the right amount of detail & flair to this room meant for engrossing in one’s work/ study and on the other, how could you be expected to concentrate with that inviting view stretched out before you?

The color palette & wall decor both convey a sober stance of chic modernity in this study/ office.

Who can pass up such an irresistible invite, in this modern terrace outside the study/ office, with those panoramic views, comfy recliners and bright sunshine?

The white wall of the adjoining space again hints at the artsy tonality of interior design in this home.

Regal repose.

This master bedroom is armed with majestic windows that offer gorgeous vistas to wake up to every morning. A good morning indeed! Plenty of warm sunshine, elegant color scheme, lush linen, light flowy curtains, and an exquisite soft rug introduce lavish suggestions into this bedroom. Is there a better way to end your working hours than by retiring to this sleek bedroom that offers a cozy queen-sized bed and such awesome relaxing views?

A worthy complement.

A fitting accompaniment to the plush master bedroom is this elegant walk-in closet. Brightly lit with ample space, ritzy details and a singular skylight, this one is definitely among the most chic features of this marvelous home.

Designer inspiration.

Coming to the bathroom, you have to take a couple of moments to admire the grandiose design. The bright space adorned with clear lines, mellowness of wood, glassy neatness, modular fittings, stone & ceramics dazzles in elegant modernity.  This wellness oasis is equipped with a shower as well as a large bathtub bordered by a big horizontal window.

The dark wood storage spaces, with open racks at the base of the bathtub and closed cabinets underneath the twin sinks, make for a beautiful contrast with the rest of the palette comprising light tones. Don’t miss the jointed mirrors; did you notice the black bowl planter decor towards the end of the washbasin counter?

Clear elegance.

Serene and tranquil accents predominate in this bathroom pimped up with the evergreen glory of white and the noble touch of polished wood. With the latest fittings and soothing vibes, the washbasin area of this well lit bathroom oozes jazz. Did you notice the brownish twigs of the ornamental plant decor?

Gracefully modern.

Innovative lighting, simplistic furnishings & a fresh palette adorn this modern bedroom. Every detail conveys subtle suggestions of stylish appeal. Like the rest of the home, this bedroom also gets its luxurious share of natural light & palliative outside views through the expansive glass doors.

Did this stunning home leave you speechless?

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