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A modern home—set in a magnificent tower like structure with a myriad of rustic touches – intriguing, right? Wait, we are not done yet! These subtle strokes go forth to define the eclectic space even in its minimal and stark scheme of things. The home builders at Fingerhaus GMBH in Germany have done an amazing job in creating a home that is truly worth taking a tour of! Join us as we make our way through this dwelling to know more!

​The tower like facade.

The front of the home resembles a tower that reflects its rustic and classic bearings - especially in the finish that has been rendered to the slanting roof. The symmetrical play of windows and the warm saffron-hued wooden gate on one side ensure that we can expect an eclectic feel within as well.

​In the backyard.

The backyard of the home shows off a more modern outlook as we find one wing of the home in a box like expanse, set directly behind the tower that acts as the facade. The backyard is a cozy space with a lawn and some seating, while the white structure looms large, in the backdrop.

​Old school charm.

As we approach the grounds, we find an old, shed like structure set artistically to a side. This wooden log cabin like structure has been turned into the store and garage of the home. The effect is an striking one when combined with the linear beauty of the main house.

​The urban living room.

The living room of the home is dripping with urban beauty and a minimalist quality that defines it. To begin with, the designers have ensured that the glass-encased space gets plenty of light. The walls are of warm cream hues even as the beige and wooden shades come forth to do up the rest of the space. The retro like stand below the television holds the entertainment center. The suede upholstery of the large couches makes for a warm feel.

​Retro style in the dining room.

The dining room too takes a cue from the retro piece in the living room with its molded chrome chairs. The monochrome look comes from the glossy white table and black fabric on the chairs. Wooden cupboards stand behind this arrangement to give company to the rustic wooden floor while an industrial lamp hangs overhead.

​The grand staircase.

The grand sweeping staircase of the home also has a rustic and exposed simplicity that does not need boxed steps to amplify the effect. Instead, the slim planks for the stairs create the right balance between sturdy good looks and a delicate approach in this cream hued area.

​The isolated, comfortable working space.

The study is built into the mezzanine with its attic like wall on one side for an almost ethereal feel. The designers have made great use of this space by letting the desk run along the wall.

​A touch of Scandinavia.

Scandinavian good looks greet you with the simple bed and checkered bedding in this stark attic room.

​Shower in style!

One can easily zone out in the comforts of this well planned and airy bathroom!

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