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Today at homify, we are going to witness some expert intervention as well as a tool often used in real estate marketing: home staging. This is often used when trying to rent or sell a property, by dressing the property up so that it looks more appealing and aesthetically pleasing. It also allows potential renters or buyers to see just how good the property could look!

The below project is the perfect example of a home staging approach. You will see how two old and dark rooms have been magically transformed, resulting in a very trendy and sophisticated apartment thanks to professionals Venduta a Prima Vista

These designers are experts in their field and you'll soon find out why!

A dated kitchen

Before the arrival of the designers, this house was well-maintained but very old-fashioned and outdated.

The kitchen, for example, was equipped with old and shoddy furniture. The dining area is made up of a table and wooden chairs that are very vintage—and not in the good sense!

Light and refreshing

With a new coat of paint, this environment looks far more light and splendid! The furniture has all been reused but has received a fresh coat of paint too. It has also been positioned in a more space-effective way.

Don't you love country-style look and feel that you get from this space?

A gloomy dining room

The dining room was well-organised but the colours were far too dark for the size. It creates a very small and cramped environment.

While each element, such as the rich textiles, dark brown wooden furniture and the beige walls, is beautiful, together it creates a very grim effect.

Colour organisation

When it comes to redesigning spaces, you need to make the most of the square footage available. The dining room has been completely changed around so that every square inch can be utilised. 

The table has been painted white, which makes for a much more refreshing design while the chairs that flank the table retain their vintage look and feel. This creates a very appealing design.

A sad sitting area

From this angle, we can see that apart from the table and bookshelf, this room also featured a love seat. The outdated patterns do nothing to enhance the look and feel of this space while it takes up way too much space!

A respectable social area

Now this is a seating area that you can be proud of. It is spacious, aesthetically appealing and functional.

The white sofa gives a modern touch to the room, contrasting beautifully with the more traditional chairs. Don't you love how the pale blue walls work in harmony with the white decor?

Too old!

The heavy structures of the twin beds are bulky and old-fashioned. It's hard to imagine relaxing in this bedroom!

Simple and delicate

The two antique elements have been replaced by a simple double bed, where only the most necessary of items are on display.

This room features a very clean, practical and simple look and plays on a contrast between white and blue.

Decor elements have been very carefully selected to add charm and personality to this space.

The study area

In order to maintain the vintage look and feel of the original house, a small antique desk complete with an old white wooden chair has been placed at the foot of the bed. This makes for a very impressive composition.

The old-fashioned bathroom

Before the intervention of the expert, the bathroom featured no character or charm. This space clearly hadn't received any attention when it came to decor or design.

… and then

With the addition of a few items, we can see how the bathroom has been completely transformed. There is no more clutter and chaos—all personal products have been stored neatly out of sight. The small decor elements and the large mirror make for a very attractive space that seems large and expansive.

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